Before I begin I want you to just take a moment to reflect on the language we use around natural therapies. For instance – did you know it is ILLEGAL to suggest that something natural can cure or treat disease. It doesn’t matter if you used to had cancer or diabetes and now you don’t, you cannot say that you have cured or treated by natural means. Only pharmaceutical medications can claim thus (despite this being largely erroneous or misleading). So just for a moment I want you to consider what this restriction in language does to the literature, the vernacular. Is there a reason we think that natural therapies are just alternatives for hippies and that when you’re really sick you need a doctor? (STAT!) What message does this convey to our psyche when language can NEVER be used that suggests natural therapies might actually be useful?

And now to the magic of soda. Beautiful, simple bi-carb house-hold-baking-ingredient soda.

It is well known in scientific literature that disease (particularly cancer, candida..) thrives in an acidic environment. It is well known that sugar and grains and things we are fed by the bucket-load (every isle in the supermarket, every cafe at the shopping mall – trust me, I look and LOOK for somewhere to eat!) create an acidic environment. Meat too. This is known.

So to soda: Dr. Tullio Simoncini is an Italian doctor who has extensively explored the use of sodium bicarbonate as an alkaline therapy against cancer. He has found that a pH around 10 is great and you can do it easily, safely (and I imagine very cheaply) by intravenous injection. But if you’d rather DIY you can also drink a solution – just do your research and don’t say I told you to – you need to know what concentration is safe and effective (and avoid aluminium additives). You may also choose to check out

Imagine, just like that…

To go back to my first point – what would you think of medical research (in general) if you knew that soda was offered for use on the Tassie Devil issue of uncontrolled tumours and the researchers replied: “we can’t trial this, if we go near it we will lose our funding” (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the sum of it.) I’m sorry – if you find a cure for the thing you’re trying to find a cure for, you’ll lose your funding?? Did I hear that right?

How does that make you, reader, feel about your loved ones who have suffered? I can tell you it makes me really REALLY upset. So I’ll continue to educate myself about natural alternatives and empower myself with stuff that actually works, if that’s ok with y’all. You are more than welcome to join me, anytime.