Essential Oil Massage (Aromatouch)

Are you chronically fatigued or achey? Have you ever wanted something deeply healing but get tired of the pain of deep-tissue massage? Do you want a therapy that can treat the source of your bodily complaints and restore your whole body to its natural balance?

AromaTouch Technique is the answer.

What is the AromaTouch Technique?

AromaTouch Technique is a gentle yet powerful massage which uses essential oils instead of firm pressure. It is a clinical application of oils across the body’s energy meridians that has been years in development. The therapeutic value of this treatment is broad and deep, allowing a multitude levels of healing. The recipient will gain what is needed for them at that moment in time, as the body is brought back into balance and homeostasis.

8 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are used in sequence to enhance all areas of health and wellbeing. 4 key areas are supported:

– Reduction of Stress: Grounding Blend and Lavender

– Toxic Insult & the Immune System: Melaleuca and Protective Blend

– Inflammation: Massage Blend and Soothing Blend

– Homeostasis & correcting Autonomic Imbalances: Wild Orange and Peppermint

Why AromaTouch?

After an AromaTouch Technique is performed the client feels not only relaxed, but very clear-headed. This is an optimal state of being, to have clarity of mind whilst being perfectly calm and centred.

Catherine is also qualified in Reiki and incorporates this into an AromaTouch Technique in order to maximise energy flow and healing.

A quick word on Reiki

Reiki is energy healing that has amazing benefits:

– promotes general well-being and improves the immune system

– reduces stress

– treats insomnia

– gives relief from chronic pain

– assists recovery from medical treatments or injuries

– regulates blood pressure and hormone balance

– induces deep relaxation and soothes emotional issues

Read some fascinating research about energy affecting DNA structure.

Where can I have my Treatment?

Based in South Brisbane Catherine has a portable massage table and is more than happy to come to your home. We also have trained AromaTouch therapists around Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast. Make a booking today, you won’t regret it!

How much?

Regular price is $60 for a 45 minute treatment, and includes a free 5mL Wild Orange oil. Stay tuned for our package deals coming soon or contact us to discuss a discounted treatment plan.

“I feel more grounded and calm. I slept so well last night!”

“I don’t know what you just did, but I feel so relaxed!”