NEW Emotional Wellness Start Pack

So excited to introduce this NEW Emotional Wellness Starter Pack! I want you feel AMAYYY-ZING every moment of every day and I can help you do that…would you like to know how?

essential oils and diffuser for emotional wellbeing

Here is how and why this is SOOOO exciting:

  1. Smell is the FASTEST way to create a change to the emotional centre of the brain – the limbic system. No matter whether it’s a child in meltdown or a mum in overwhelm or a friend in grief…smell helps create a chemical change in EMOTIONS.
  2. That Adaptiv oil there on the right – that was designed to support the GABA pathway. That’s the same pathway that is used by anti-anxiety medication. It’s an important neurological pathway that has powerful effects on anxious feelings. In the current climate we all need a little reprieve from our anxious feelings – am I right?
  3. Ok next let’s look at the diffuser there in the background. Why diffuse? Well I love nothing better than applying these amazing blends as a purefume every day to my pulse points, my heart, the back of my neck for some oil-near-brain action. BUT we also know that smell is the fastest way to affect mood and emotion. So what if we smell a little bit of that good stuff for hours and hours…Diffusion not only means we are getting it up our nose so it can help our limbic system, but it means we are getting a super low dosage all throughout the day (or night if you’re using it for some sweet dreams). The whole family will benefit and the house smells divine.
  4. What else? Balance…for grounding and centering ourselves; Elevation for some uplifting in lower moments; Lavender Peace for calm and peacful sleep; and Citrus Bliss…divine – fresh, cleansing and uplifting with the sweet scents of citrus and vanilla. What’s not to love?


How do I get me some of that?

I know, it really is hard to resist right? Emotional therapy for the whole family, on hand day and night!

Option 1.

Option 2.

  • Go to the link.
  • You’re going to choose shipping country
  • Choose whether you want to be a customer or a distributor*
  • You’ll enter your details
  • On next page you choose the Emotional Wellness Pack from the selection at the top.
  • And then you just complete payment details. Done 🙂
    *No strings if you do want to explore what that might involve, we have amazing support & training. Here’s more info.


But I won’t know how to use them…? 

Many people don’t use oils because it’s a whole new world to them. I totally understand and it’s good to be wary, there are some hot oils that can burn, not to mention some rubbish quality stuff out there! You DO want to feel confident and learn how to use oils safely. I am so big on support and education. I love teaching. I love knowledge. I love sharing. If you want to use oils, share oils, learn about oils…whatever capacity you choose, I have a support group waiting to welcome you. You will be amazed at the science, the recipes, the community that we share. You’ll love it and we’ll love you.

ADDITIONALLY, when you buy a starter pack as per my amazingly clear instructions above you get 25% off all other purchases for a whole year (no-strings attached, no minimums, nothing, promise).

So, remind me, what are we waiting for?