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Essential Oils for Hormonal Health

You will hear me rave on my youtube channel about Clary Calm – doterra’s monthly balancing blend. Ah-mayyzing. Changed my life and that of many women. So good for all aspects of monthly cycle changes – emotions, cramping, all of it. There are also oils to assist with fertility and I highly recommend you check out my page on gut health if you are serious about falling pregnant and have been having issues – a good gut cleanse is the BEST starting point.

Sanitary Items – Drion

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It is estimated that 83% of women have hormone dysfunction – 62% of this is related to using inferior hygiene products.

Did you know there are no regulatory standard around women’s hygiene products? There are no quality controls – they don’t even have to be sterile and the toxins contained in your standard pad or tampon are linked to:

– endometriosis
– fibromyalgia
– cancer        (to name only a few)


What are Anions?

Anions are negatively charged particles that are associated with nature and good health – they are found in high concentrations in forests, near waterfalls and just after lightning storms. Not surprisingly, they are in very low amounts in urban areas.

Drion products contain an anion strip that have been found to kill bacteria, reduce odours, even reduce period pain and duration.


Drion Sanitary Pads

Drion sanitary pads are made up of layers of non allergenic organic cotton, paper (non-recycled therefore no bleaching), super absorbent organic polymer and is kept together with glue/adhesive that is made from natural starch so is food grade (not made from synthetic chemicals). The pads are 95% biodegradable and compostable under the right conditions, unlike many other feminine hygiene products which have a high environmental impact. They are also free of dyes, artificial colouring, bleaching or chemical additives making them sensitive to your skin.

Even the release paper in which each pad is individually wrapped is biodegradable. The packaging is made from aluminium foil wrap and is recyclable. Drion does not use any plastic which is also great for the environment.

All ingredients used are either biodegradable or recyclable.

They are more absorbent than regular pads, click for video. YouTube Video

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Why does Generation Wellness Australia offer DRION products at significantly less than retails prices?

We didn’t sign up to DRION to make millions (wouldn’t that be lovely).  We signed up because we want others to know this awesome product is out there and available to them.  These products are brilliant, but they need to be made as affordable as possible for EVERYONE.  We don’t feel the government is playing it’s part by allowing sub-standard products into our supermarkets, but we can try and help by making healthy options and information available to anyone who is looking this way.   It is up to us to help share the knowledge…