Have you ever wondered, if eye colour and height are genetic, what about my thoughts and feelings? My personality? Are beliefs genetic?

I took a trip home recently. It reminded me of my gran who passed last year. She was selfless and tireless in her pursuit of serving others. She was humble and she was good at keeping it real. Even at 93 with a short stay in hospital she noted a large degree of incompentence (she used to be a nurse herself) and stated to me with her usual humour “it’s like a 3-ring circus in here mate”. She was my hero.

Despite her faith and her lifetime of praying for people and witnessing miracles, I was surprised and a little heartbroken, when one day she said to me: “Oh I believe in miracles, just not for me..”

I was surprised for 2 reasons. Firstly, she had been steadfast in her faith her entire lifetime, so far as I knew. But more than that, I had personally be wrestling with the very same beliefs. Talk about it being in the genes!

So technically, is it in the genes? Are our thoughts and beliefs passed down through generations? It’s an interesting question. What science has shown is that emotions and experiences, stresses and traumas can change the way our DNA is expressed. We can turn genes on and off and these changes can be passed down. We also know that neurons (brain cells) that fire together wire together – meaning if you have a certain pattern and you keep creating it or reinforcing it, then it will become a stronger pattern.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say your great gran had a terrible childhood. She might imprint the believe that the world is not a safe place. You might inherit some part of that imprint and then your experiences in early life are seen through that filter/pattern you already have. If something bad happens (big or small) in your experiences, you will reinforce that belief. I’m not just talking about traumatic childhoods, this is for all of us – if you fall, or get in trouble, or your best friend is mean to you and you already HAVE the underlying imprint that life isn’t safe…you’re going to reinforce that belief.

Fascinating right?

Ok so now think for a moment – how many of your grandparents and great grandparents and great great grandparents might have had some bad experiences in their lives? Big and small. Wars and global recessions, as well as maybe just some tough times or shitty parenting. You have some small part of ALLLLL of those experiences still lingering in your DNA. You will have reinforced at least SOME of them through your childhood. Through a lifetime of trying to understand the world through the filter you were given you have reinforced many unhealthy or unhelpful beliefs.


It feels pretty big now, right?

We are here for a lifetime for a really good reason. There is work to be done.

No matter whether you want to be more successful, more joyful, more peacful, better at choosing a life partner or better at dealing with your kids when they misbehave (when you react you are acting from your triggers and imprints that are there)..you have work to do to get there because you have to work through this filter and programming you were given.

But it’s ok. Change isn’t hard. Sometimes it can be instant, for a particular issue you want to address. It just takes doing the work and creating awareness. This is what I do. I help you clear these negative beliefs and change the programming. I also help you learn to do more for yourself.

You can begin to clear away the negative beliefs holding you back or triggering you in stressful situations and you WILL begin to feel peaceful and less reactive. You will begin to have greater success and clarity in your business, or your relationship – all of it. Life just gets better! 

And the more you do, the easier it gets to find and clear what else is there…

But we have generations of work to do, so it’s time to get started. Let’s book a time and just begin.  <3


quote "The sky isn't the limit. You belief system is."