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If you have explored my website before you know that I am ALLLLL about Emotional Wellbeing – especially for parents and their little ones. Empowering kids to know how to help themselves in times of stress or emotional overwhelm is amazing and we can all use more tools to achieve it, right?

If you are new, welcome. I’m a scientist/kinesiologist/homeschooling mumma who is working hard to help other mums learn from ALLLL her mistakes..I mean.. life-lessons 😀  #samesame

Those Moments

So we’ve all had those moments – child in meltdown, in the most public of places (of course!)…or “Muuuuum! I can’t sleeeeep!” when you just put them to bed for the 20-zillionth time. If you’re a parent, you’ve had ALLLL the moments…right? Highs and lows and really, really just a big pile of poop (sometimes literally as well as figuratively!)


The sense of smell is THE FASTEST way to create a change in the emotional chemistry being released by the brain, and therefore the fastest way to change behaviour in a child (or parent) struggling with emotions. Which means essential oils are worth their weight GOLD, right? G.O.L.D.

When they work..

This is why I choose doTERRA. As a scientist I care about the science, the purity and the therapeutic potency of the products I sell. You should too because the market is rife with imitation. doTERRA have the scientific testing for EVERY bottle of oil publicly listed on SourcetoYou.com so feel free to check it out.

The Kids Collection

OK so we want to help our kids and here is one of my absolutely favourite collections – The Kids Collection

6 amazing roller-bottle blends, safely diluted and ready to roll…

selection of doterra roller blends for kids

I want to draw your attention to the adorable – and verrry useful – little names, colours and pictures.

Hearts – we have 2 blends made for soothing the heart in times of worry or big feelings that need soothing.

Brain – 2 amazing blends for helping the mind focus and calm

Body – 2 blends for supporting the body to stay strong and healthy

What I love most is that kids can, and will, choose the colour they need…or the name they like…or the smell that feels good to them. And there are No. Wrong. Answers. Whatever they choose they are getting amazing health benefits and emotional soothing in body, mind and spirit. The chemical release from using essential oils is instant and really quite remarkeable in results.

How do I get it?

Two options.

  1. Get in touch and we can chat about the best options for you and your family.
  2. Go here. Put in your details, select the $35 Introductory Packet and then find the kit in the line item section and add it to your cart. If you choose this option please get in touch because I’d love to hear from you and because I have an awesome exclusive community of oilies who would love to help you with recipes and other fun tips and blend ideas.

Oils have Changed Lives

It probably sounds cliqued, a bit of a sales pitch, but these oils change lives. When you have spectrum kids and they smell and calm in less than 60seconds, you know your life has changed forever and you want to help others. When you see kids stop struggling, focus better, recover faster…it’s a gift you want to keep giving. If you’re here, you’re here seeking solutions and I know that oils can be a huge part of that. I’d be honoured to walk with you on this journey. #hearfromyousoon