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Discover how through our proven application of Kinesiology and essential oils, you can unlock the power of holistic inner healing.

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Catherine Christoforatos – Founder & Director

Hi!  I’m Cee Cee

I have a passion for sensitive & anxious children and their struggling families.

I know I can help. (check out some feedback)

Let me help you to create peace in your home. Together, learn to better support yourself and your children emotionally and see the healing that occurs on EVERY level. 

Generation Wellness Global is about Guiding generations through inspired physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We owe it to ourselves and our future generations. Let’s create change together. 

Is someone in your family

Experiencing emotional overload?

Stuck in overwhelm?

Feeling scattered, tired..?

Ready for some clarity and calm…

Let our Generation Wellness team help you!


Let us help you choose your most suitable path of recovery

by booking a complimentary 15min session with CeeCee today.

 These are the ways I can help

and support YOU on your journey..


90% of what drives your decisions and your child’s behaviour is sub-conscious. 

Kinesiology is a non-invasive energetic healing science that uses muscle-testing to access that 90% of  information from the body so we can release, clear and heal it. Permanently. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent plant medicine that bring the body back into balance and literally improve all areas of our lives.

I am committed to helping you find the oils you need to feel amazing every day – physically AND emotionally. So let’s begin!

Client ♥ Love

You are a Genius!
Thank you so very much….. a simple diet question has led to tongue ties and a diagnosis of aspergers!  Your referral and explanation was able to help a Mummy get on top of challenges with her kids she didn’t even know they had.

Even the specialists are gobsmacked how it wasn’t picked up earlier by other specialists.  Thank you again so very much for helping my friend! 


Geraldine M.

WAHOOOOOOO it’s on again !!!!!

When i attended Catherine’s workshop last month I FINALLY felt like someone had given me the answers to the questions about my kids I had been searching for !

Aliti Chang

A big thank you to Joining Hands Ambassador, Generation Wellness for gifting aromatherapy oils for 20 young women today at our ZigZag Nurture Day.

🙏 💗 🌷

Zig Zag is a community based organisation that works with young women, focusing on the areas of sexual violence and accommodation. It’s a place of healing, support and social action for young women.
Thankyou Generation Wellness

Joining Hands

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Business Opportunity

I am leading a team of Doterra Mumpreneurs (and occasionally a Dad) – creating time and financial freedom for people in the natural health space.

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