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Hi!  I’m Catherine Christoforatos

I have a passion for health and healing via natural methods.

Knowledge is power, and only by being open to learn can we empower ourselves and the next generation to greater health and happiness.

Catherine Christoforatos – Founder & Director

“I am so excited to be one of the first Certified Aromatic-Kinesiologists® in Australia (and the world!).

This work is truly inspired.”

xx Catherine

Essential Oils

If you invest in pure essential oils they have amazing properties that can literally change your life. New research soon to be released will demonstrate how powerful pure EOs really are – we know they work, but sneak preview: the new research will blow you mind!


Kinesiology is a non-invasive energetic healing science.  Muscle-testing or monitoring can be used to gather information from the body.  It is a combination of ancient, eastern science and western muscle monitoring, that can balance the body on many levels.

Business Opportunity

I am leading a team of Doterra Mumpreneurs (and occasionally a Dad) – creating time and financial freedom for people in the natural health space.

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It may seem daunting, but I am with you all the way. There’s really no reason to delay….


WAHOOOOOOO it’s on again !!!!! When i attended Catherine’s workshop last month, I FINALLY felt like someone had given me the answers to the questions about my kids I had been searching for !

Really really informative , but in a relaxed non judgemental environment, all done over a cuppa and some yummy food !

If I’ve tagged you, it’s because you are a parent and I 100% guarantee , you have questions about your kids health, emotions, sleep, mental well being, food intake or lack of, medical conditions , alternatives to support their health and well being !! This isn’t limited to just babies but all age groups !

Write down the date in your dairy, pencil out a hour or two and come along and have a chat to Catherine Christoforatos , I promise you won’t regret it !

Aliti Chang

Such an amazing afternoon. I love every chance I get to attend an oily event. Catherine you have certainly earnt your title as “The guru”.

Both you and Geraldine are a wealth of knowledge I just wish we had more time. Thank you for the amazing afternoon.

Tina S

Haven’t I learnt a lot I feel like I’ve done it all. I can’t say thank you enough for our chance meet and your suggestion about seeing enhanced dental.

I’ve done it all tongue and lip tie releases, myo facial therapy, the beginning of the myo brace program and I have you to thank for putting me on the right track over 12 months ago!

Tina A

What a truly amazing, uplifting and emotional experience last night in your Master Class, owning our blocks, downing our masks and being real with ourselves and our amazing oily sisters. Thank you Catherine for your courage, love and support.


You are a Genius!
Thank you so very much….. a simple diet question has led to tongue ties and a diagnosis of aspergers!  Your referral and explanation was able to help a Mummy get on top of challenges with her kids she didn’t even know they had.

Even the specialists are gobsmacked how it wasn’t picked up earlier by other specialists.  Thank you again so very much for helping my friend


A big thank you to Joining Hands Ambassador, Generation Wellness for gifting a blended aromatherapy oil each for 20 young women today 🙏 💗 🌷
Joining Hands were privileged to provide massage and aromatherapy treatments to young women at the Zig Zag Nurture Day this morning.
Zig Zag is a community based organisation that works with young women, focusing on the areas of sexual violence and accommodation. It’s a place of healing, support and social action for young women.
Thankyou Generation Wellness

Joining Hands

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