5 best ways to detox your life:

1. Remove toxins!! Ok it sounds obvious, but do you know how many are IN your life?  The number one place to overdose on chemicals isn’t standing out in the traffic breathing carbon monoxide – it’s IN YOUR HOUSE!  Now I don’t want to freak you out but the stats are something like this: The Natural Resources Defense Council states that there are 84,000 industrial chemicals in household items, yet only 200 have been tested by the FDA and only 5 are regulated. So…if you aren’t sure what’s IN your house, how can you possibly get it out?*

Obviously with 84000 it’s a big job to remove them ALL, but you need to make a start, so here’s my suggestion: first, start throwing out anything that has “fragrance” on the label.  Bad…very bad.  Fragrance contains phthalates which you can search for and find in many previous posts but for now, let’s just say they mess up your hormones.  You can DIY your own hand soap in less than 5 seconds and if you don’t believe me then I’ll do a video for you LOL.  Get essential oils and make your own stuff – I CAN help with recipes and I promise I’m not a DIYer either and what I give you will be UBER simple.  You can do it!  My top two I have been working toward – because let’s face it, it does require financial investment – are my dental amalgams (now done!) and my cookware (soon to be done!).  It is absolutely a process so just take it one step at a time…and let me help you!

2. Daily addition of citrus juice or oil to your glass of water. I personally love Grapefruit essential oil in my glass of water to boost my body’s detoxing capabilties. Lemon is brilliant and works like adding a little lemon juice (only more powerful) but the advantage of using the essential oil is the zero acidity to ruin your teeth.  It is great to take these with some bentonite clay or charcoal tablets because as you draw toxins out the clay will bind and make sure the toxins leave your body rather than shift to another part of your body (ditto for the zendocrine blend I am coming to below).

3. Zendocrine is an essential oil blend that was specifically designed to support the body’s ability to detoxify and remove heavy metals – I absolutely love it!  I used it a lot through my dental amalgam removal process. Funny story – I actually did an essential oil gut cleanse on my kids (gently, diluted, externally – I can guide you through it if you’re interested) and what happens when you cleanse your gut is that there is die-off. The bad bacteria in your gut will die and release toxins. So after about a week my kids went…well, mental. They were uncharacteristically out of control – completely. For a moment I just looked at my mum who was witnessing this and then I remembered…die-off! I grabbed the zendocrine and rubbed some over their livers. I put bentonite clay into water and made them drink some and I ran a bath full of epsom salts, clay and zendocrine…

1 hr later…

They were sitting quietly doing a puzzle on the floor with my mum. I kid you not. Detox initiated, crisis averted…just!

4. Reduce stress!!! Talk about a crazy way to cause inflammation, free radicals and just generally create toxicity in your body – STOP IT!! 3 deep breaths – NOW! OK, so that may not be the most effective stress-pep talk you’ve heard. But seriously – we NEED to slow down, find a way to declutter our lives and breathe deeply because we are killing ourselves with the inflammation overload. (And there are oils for that too…of course!)

5. Lots of clean filtered water, fresh air and exercise. It seems so simple but it’s actually fundamental to getting toxins moving out of your system – as you move your muscles and breathe deeply with exercise you literally push toxins through and out. Bonus is that it helps release stress…which I think I might have mentioned already..

*If you’d like to know more about where the toxins are in your life and home I can highly recommend the book Slow Death by Rubber Duck.

Cleanse & Restore Kit

DoTERRA have an amazing Cleanse & Restore Kit for adults that is amazing value (cause I’ll help you get it at Wholesale Prices!)
This kit returns your gut flora into balance as well as having both the Zendocrine and Citrus (Lemon) oils to assist your liver to remove heavy metals and other toxins from your body and your life. It’s well worth it if you’re ready to repair gut health and detox your life. I am here to support you to greater health and happiness – is your time now?