Kids, Spectrums, Calming

I know how remarkable these oils are, but they continue to amaze me, again and again.

If you need some support for you kids, there really is help at hand. Whether it’s sleep, calming, spectrum kids or even speech delay: check out this amazing article about Essential Oils assisting speech development.(PS I do sell this oil blend!)

Vetiver is an amazing oil for calming, sleep or for a child struggling with anxiety.  

Dr Axe has done a great youtube video about vetiver for ADHD and brain health.

There are as many different ways to support kids as there are oils, so what I love to do is let the kids choose for themselves. They KNOW what they need – they are drawn to smells that make them feel good, happy, supported and let me tell you, it’s a FANTASTIC distraction activity when they are losing it!

My son chose this blend for himself (he’s 4 so I did help with the ratios):

5dr Balance + 5 dr orange + 5 dr Lavender + 3 dr basil + 3 dr Arborviate

We made it up in an empty 15mL oil bottle and diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil…

OMG SURPRISE! It smells amaaayyyzing! I love it. All really calming oils (well done son!), grounding, soothing….beautiful.

Kids have an amazing talent for knowing what they need and I have run plenty of classes for kids to intuitively select and create their own blends – they love it! They are empowered to be making their own choices with something that is so safe and immediately effective. Really cool.

So let’s create a tailored pack for you or a friend who is struggling. Let’s create a fun class to teach the next generation how to support themselves with these beautiful healing oils.