Home DIY Recipies

There is a reason we want to start making things for ourselves – then we can be sure of what is IN them. There are over 84000 industrial chemicals now used in all manner of food, personal care, cleaning products etc etc…most of those have had ZERO safety testing…zero.  So yeah, for me, I like to do a little simple, VERY simple DIY and know what I’m using…

Here are some great tips and ideas for simple DIY toxin-free products for your home:

DIY recipes for Cleaning

Essential Oils you can use include:
– Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal
– Lemon – great for cutting through grease, antiseptic
– Peppermint – natural pest deterrent, antiseptic
– Eucalyptus – antibacterial, antiviral
– Protective Blend – all of the above!
– Cleansing Blend – eliminates odours, cuts through grease and grime

You can google just about any recipe you need but here are a few to start.

The basic all-purpose cleaner

1 part vinegar : 7 parts water in a large glass spray bottle
Add approximately 30 drops of essential oil(s) of choice and shake thoroughly before use.

Air freshener

Add a few drops of Essential Oil to the inside of your toilet roll or into a small dish on the windowsill. I have to admit one of my favourites for this is Lemongrass.

…global pollutants are measured at trace levels, but we now understand that some of those levels can very dramatically affect the human body, hormone systems and the immune system. They can trigger neurological problems…

Ken Cook

DIY recipes for Personal Care

I have amazing, natural personal care products I can recommend. I also use Essential Oils in a calming Magnesium salt bath:

Lavender – promotes calm and soothing to both the skin and the soul

Calming Blend – with a collection of relaxing oils such as Ylang Ylang and Chamomile, as well as a hint of delicious vanilla, this is my favourite bath-soak blend.

World’s simplest body scrub

Add to a glass jar:

– Sugar (I prefer coarse sugar to give scrub texture)

– Jojoba oil to cover

– Essential oils of choice

2-ingredient deodorant

– Fractionated Coconut oil in a glass spray bottle

– 3 to 5 drops EO of choice to a 50mL bottle – my favourite is cypress


I also use the deodorant recipe to create body sprays/perfumes. You can also use water instead of FCO for body sprays and air freshners, just be sure to shake well before use.

So much fun to be had making up your own concoctions – get in touch for more tips or tricks or to book a DIY party with your friends – I can supply the oils!

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