For Baby

Soooooo much we could talk about with baby isn’t there?  They are all different and they each keeps us guessing as to what is going on.

Whatever the issue I URGE you to get in touch – I have so many Facebook support groups where you can meet amazingly knowledgeable mums who have all been there and suffered whatever it is you’re going through. Reach out and you WILL find support and answers.

Having said that:

1. Tongue tie is massively under-detected and is going to have a huge impact on baby and your breastfeeding relationship. I can point you to resources and professionals who are recommended providers.

2. Infant Massage. There’s a reason I teach and promote infant massage. The benefits are amazing for all aspects of bubs development and it can help issues like reflux and eczema resolve much faster (due to promoting nerve development, reduction in cortisol and many other biological processes massage has been proven to affect).

3. Essential oils. Have you considered giving someone a beautiful little bag of essential oils for their baby shower? I can help you put one together. Here are some to consider that are super gentle and appropriate for younger bubs:

– Purify – a gentle respiratory support for little ones
– Lavender – promotes calm and sleep, beautiful for any skin issues
– Roman Chamomile – great for soothing and relief from upsets
– Cardamom – promotes a settled tummy > Join & Save to get 25% off your oils

4. Finally I just want to say that your baby has never been born before. Trust your instincts and your relationship with your child. They will teach you what they need – listen to them, not to everyone else offering random advice. And enjoy the cuddles and the closeness, it will be over faster than you think!