Emotional Balance

So much of what we know of our emotional instability we put down to our personality or disposition. But what if it’s not? What if you can change it – smooth out the rough edges a bit?

Amino Acids:

Julia Ross has some great books about false moods due to neurochemical imbalances that we can fix with really simple amino acid supplementation (for purchasing I recommend iherb).

OK, I’m not going to bore you with the details of biochemistry – you can look into it further if you’re interested. This is the stuff you need to know to change your life according to Julia Ross:

Serotonin: If serotonin is low you are tending to be worried, negative, irritable and sleepless. Most people can improve their serotonin levels with a simple addition of 5-HTP or tryptophan to their diet.*

Catelcholamines: These include dopamine and norepinephrine. If they are low you’ll be flat, lethargic. Try adding some tyrosine or phenylalanine to your diet. If this doesn’t work you may need to look at your thyroid.

GABA: If GABA is out of balance you’re likely to feel wired, stressed and overwhelmed. You can actually buy straight GABA supplements.

Endorphins: This is for those of us who get teary during the commercials and feel it’s really hard to let go of all the little hurts life has delivered. DLPA is your answer (D- & L- phenylalanine).

Essential Oils:

We know that mood and emotions are closely linked to our sense of smell – it mostly comes down to that little part of the brain called the amygdala. The amygdala integrates emotional behaviour and motivation. Scientists also know that it is generally hyperactive in people who are depressed. The sense of smell, once processed in the olfactory bulb, projects directly into the amygdala – so smell is actually the quickest way to directly impact mood and emotion!  With the incredibly powerful health-promoting properties of essential oils, these aromatic compounds are a God-send for all aspects of behavioural and emotional support.

Some really simple Essential Oil suggestions:

– Lavender – calming, soothing

– Citrus oils – uplifting and cleansing – these little gems can uplift mood while improving calm and focus

– Frankincense – grounding and centering, great for encouraging spiritual connection and alignment also

– Vetiver – for a really deep calm, particularly for children with heightened emotions or energy, this oil is the BEST!

I can recommend some amazing blends that will assist with all areas of emotional support and have my own favourites that I wear daily as a perfume or body spray. For more information on what might suit you personally I can assist to create a personalised pack of oils and am also happy to point you to some amazing resources for more information.

To order oils:   mydoterra.com/genwell


If your emotional balance is less ‘personality’ and more hormonally influenced there are a few other points for consideration.

1. The Clary Calm essential oil blend I use that is uber-amazing – happy to help you out with some of that.

2. Maca powder is linked to supporting normal hormone balance – trying adding to your daily smoothie or sprinkle over your brekky.

3. Sanitary items – please see my other page on this because it is REALLY important how much toxic sanitary items can affect your hormonal chemistry and there are alternatives you need to know about.


*Please consult with your physician or the work of Julia Ross re amino acid supplementation.