The Power of Smell

Smell is pretty well under-rated in my opinion. Did you know the chemicals you inhale as fragrance go directly to the core of your brain – to the amygdala, the centre of emotion and memory. That’s pretty powerful potential for a simple smell – to effect changes in our mood, to evoke memories and create new ones…

Dr Candice Pert has a great book called The Molecules of Emotion and talks about how emotion causes chemicals to be released – creating biochemical changes in our body. Our emotions are powerful agents of change.



I have just finished the final piece of my Aromatic-Kinesiology course and I cannot tell you how amazing it is to combine something as powerful as essential oils, the purest of fragrances, with the energetic shifts that kinesiology can evoke. In AK we use muscle testing to seek the perfect scent the body needs to create an emotional release or energetic shift. It is simple, gentle and incredibly powerful.


To give you an example, I will share one of my very personal experiences:

Skin Balance

I honestly went into this part of the course thinking “I may as well go home now, not much wrong with my skin really. I don’t pay much attention to it, but it’s pretty healthy…”

We had to choose some part of our skin to do a ‘balance’ on – and I do get occasional hormonal breakouts near my chin so I decided to go with this..not feeling it was anything significant or important, but needing to choose something.

We discussed the issue – I said at my age it felt …immature to be getting break-outs, like I wasn’t really owning my “adult-ness”. I felt there was a disconnect with who I am and who I felt I was being… (bear with me, it’s what came into my head at the time…)



We then tested the linked emotion and I got the word “yucky”

This connected for me – to feel adolescent in my adult body did feel “yucky” …adolescence just felt yucky and immature (at my age)…

I had to find the opposite as it related to me and this was challenging, but I felt it was somehow in the realm of being fully realised into my adult self. “Integrated” perhaps?

We muscle-tested the most relevant oil: Patchouli – moving from feeling Fragmented to Peaceful. I saw the word Fragmented and I got teary. I always know I’ve hit something energetic that is being released when I get teary – it’s my MO. I’ve been doing this kind of release work for nearly 18months now. You just know. And how incredibly perfect was this for me, collecting all of my fragmented self and feeling fully realised as the 40-year-old woman I now am. Furthermore, how perfectly does this relate back to my acne (acne is often considered anger pushing out from the body) to be given Peaceful Patchouli.

We used smell, some acupressure points and an affirmation process. I can’t even describe the Peace I felt coming out of this process. It blew me away. The process was so gentle and so very, very powerful.

We really do underestimate the impact smell has on how we feel, how we remember, process, and what we emote. Do yourself a favour and take time to smell the roses…for real.

If you would like to learn more about AK, please get in touch as I will be seeking Case Study Clients. If you would like a recommendation to the most amazing kinesiologist I have had the joy of meeting, please also touch base.

Joyful healing to you.