Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the natural protective ‘medicine’ for plants. They keep plants healthy and assist them in healing from damage.

I have included » here some of my favourite or most sought after solutions for your family health – enjoy!  

Oils Ain’t Oils

I have a background in science, I love getting nerdy with how oils work and why you need to choose doTERRA. If you’re interested, ask me some time. laughing 

The most important thing to understand is that regulations are lax and “pure” doesn’t always mean 100% pure and it certainly says nothing about the therapeutic potency of an oil. doTERRA are leading the way in purity, potency and testing methodology which guarantees (and scientifically proves) we’ve got the best in the business.

Why is this important? If you’re keen to get heathly, the last thing you want to do is use toxic synthetic oils on your skin. And you don’t need to. You just need to choose carefully. 

Why do I choose to use dōTERRA?

1. Plants are sourced indigenously – the best growing conditions results in maximum health benefits. It also gives us an opportunity to help famers in developing nations. Check out the co-impacting sourcing video below.

2. dōTERRA are leading the way with regards to testing technologies and do over 50 additional tests (for synthetics and therapeutic chemistry) that no other company does!

3. Essential oils contain tiny lipid (fat) molecules that can pass even the blood-brain barrier – this means we have at our fingertips the most amazing potential to heal every part of our body! It also means you want to know you have the best and purest on the market. 

Co-impact Sourcing

Imagine farmers in developing nations growing crops with no way of getting them to a willing market. They are subject to corrupt middle-men who pay them sporadically and poorly at best. What if you could create a market for them, source directly from them and GIVE BACK to their communities with schools and hospitals at the same time.

More than any other reason,  THIS is why I love and choose dōTERRA.

Heart and integrity in a bottle.

How do I get started with Oils?

doTERRA isn’t just about buying the best in oils.

doTERRA is about community and education – my team is ready to support you in learning to use your oils for your family health and wellness.

I am ready to brainstorm with you around your family health needs and create a plan that is tailored just for you. The BEST way to start is to get in touch for a chat and I can talk you through the various options.

If you’ve never had an experience with oils and still aren’t quite sure, you’re welcome to  Request a Sample


Decision 1.  99.9% of people using doTERRA have opted to register for wholesale prices to get a 25% discount on every purchase (no strings). Just makes sense.

Decision 2. Which kit to begin with, or do I just want to free-style my own? Some of our more popular kits are the Home Essentials, a starter pack for family first aid & the Bedtime Bliss box, filled with all our most amazing calming oils.

Decision 3. To share, or not to share. Once you’ve had an experience with the oils you’ll want to tell your friends, they really are that good. You can also choose to earn an income if you’re seeking something to work on the side or from home in these time of economic confusion.

So back to what I said in the beginning – best to get in touch and let me help you through the options. There is zero pressure and no wrong choices, it’s just about finding out what is right for you! The only wrong choice in my opinion is living without these amazing gifts of the earth!

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