Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the natural protective ‘medicine’ for plants. They keep plants healthy and assist them in healing from damage. We are so lucky that these amazing gifts of the earth work for us too!

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Oils Ain’t Oils

Without overloading you with science, you do need to understand that ‘pure’ doesn’t always mean 100% pure and it certainly says nothing about the therapeutic POTENCY of an oil.

Why do I choose to use dōTERRA?

1. Plants are sourced indigenously, so they have the best possible growing conditions and this means best possible health benefits. It also gives us an opportunity to help famers in developing nations. Check out the co-impacting sourcing video below.

2. dōTERRA are leading the way with regards to testing technologies and do 11 additional tests (for synthetics and therapeutic chemistry) that no other company does!

3. Essential oils contain tiny lipid (fat) molecules that can pass even the blood-brain barrier – this means we have at our fingertips the most amazing potential to heal every part of our body! It also means you want to know you have the best and purest on the market and that’s why I choose dōTERRA for my family.

Co-impact Sourcing

More than any other reason,

» THIS is why I love and choose dōTERRA.

Heart and integrity in a bottle.

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My favourite part of dōTERRA is that you get a whole community of support so that you are empowered to use your oils for all areas of family health and wellness. My team and I are ready to support you with recipes, information and whatever love and hand-holding you need to do this!

EVERYONE who chooses the doTERRA lifestyle opts for wholesale prices – it just makes sense to get 25% off everything!

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The Natural Solutions kit is everything you need to get your family living the toxin-free lifestyle. Budget won’t stretch? Let’s chat about monthly instalments!

Contact me today to tailor to your family needs.

And just by the way, however you choose to start your journey into oils, you WILL love them, you WILL reap benefits. Don’t be afraid to jump in with whatever oils resonate for you today.  The only wrong choice is living without these amazing gifts of the earth!

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