Gut Health

You may have heard about gut health in the mainstream media of late – there is now a plethora of research showing how fundamental good gut health is and it’s great the media are interested. Why is it so important? Approximately 80% of your immunity comes from your gut. We have serious gut health issues and they are getting worse each generation – a cascade of interventions, medications, chemicals and bad diet choices keep corroding away at our gut flora. 30% of the biodiversity in our guts has already been lost.

The flora in your gut isn’t just about good versus bad, it isn’t even just about immune protection. The bacteria in your gut have many important roles. Another one is in digesting food, extracting the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy and nourished – it’s about fundamental nutrition. Poor gut flora is linked with depression, schizophrenia, Crohn’s, Autism, asthma, eczema, allergies….

We need to take this seriously. My solutions:

1. Get into your fermented foods for reestablishing good flora.

2. Bone broth! Bone broth! – for helping to heal any gut damage.

3. I have gut cleansing products I always recommend for people with a lowered immune system. Gut cleansing can even assist fertility so don’t underestimate how important this process is. The Cleanse & Restore kit contains products to rebalance gut flora and support your liver to detox heavy metals and other toxins from your body. It also includes the most amazing wholefood nutritional supplements so you are taking action from every angle!

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4. Check with your GP if you  REALLY need the antibiotics (for a bacterial infection).

What concerns me most is the fact that childhood illnesses are so normalised now. It’s expected that kids have asthma, eczema, even autism is now about 1:50. People don’t see the link and yet we KNOW that there are links between gut health and mental health.

There IS a better way. There IS an answer: Heal the gut.

The book Gut and Psychology Syndrome by McBride is fantastic. Sauerkraut. Kraut, kimchi, buchi, ferments ferments ferments…get your gut flora working for you, not against you, and your whole world will turn on it’s axis…in a good way.

Be well. Be nourished.