Why am I so interested in Emotional Healing?
Firstly I felt amazing clarity for myself after EVERY session…amazing changes in my life in such a short space of time…
And it just continues… the more healing I do the clearer, lighter, more centred I feel.
But it’s more than that.
I had a little girl who started school. She was soooo excited! 
She hadn’t been sick in years, even when relatives coughed all over her at Christmas (true story – would never do that in a post-covid world! :p )
With the stress* of school and the energy of 24 other little beings around her all day, her immune system began to crumble.
(*I need to add here she was perfectly capable academically – it was that she connects so well with others emotionally that was exhausting)
She had nightmares, couldn’t sleep and got sick. Then she got sick again. And again. And again.
By the end of term 2 she was so continutally unwell that she didn’t even recover to start school in term 3.
Now the teacher thought I was just a push-over parent. I needed to be firmer with her. You may or may not think the same. But I refused this life for my child. I refused to make her just “suck it up” and be more “resilient” because I knew it was more than just physical.
I knew that it was her mental and emotional health that was suffering. Her spirit was in tears.
So I pulled her out of school. She took a little while to strengthen again but she’s barely had a sniffle since that time. Not only that, now that we’ve had this time at home to learn together, we have learnt how to be emotionally more resilient. We have learnt ways to have spiritual strength and protection.
What we have now is so much more powerful than “suck it up”. What she has now is real understanding of her sensitivities and how they translate into the world around her. We have tools and techniques and oils (Thank you Lord for your plant medicine!)
Noone in my circle at that time supported my choice. I doubted myself every step. And yet I stepped…Time and again this child has challenged me what sort of mother I can be for her. Oh boy has she challenged me. And she has helped me develop my healing skills more than anyone. To be honest, I believe she is the real healer in the family – I’ve just had to keep up to help and support her!
Sensitive kids are powerful, but they need to learn tools. Emotional protection and clearing is sooo important for all areas of our health and wellbeing – or we too might just get one thing, after another…
If you’d like to learn more about this I have the Sensitive Kids 3-step plan you can download from the Home page.
This is my zone of genius. I have had to learn to help a very amazing small person in my life. You too can be this for your child. Your child can be supported to know their amazing gifts and how to protect them – I have sooo much to offer you. Calm, strength, clarity.
Children are amazing – let’s give them the tools to shine <3