Do you have interrupted sleep? Do the kids seem scared to go to bed? Or you think they are just playing you? Does hubby stay up all night complaining of insomnia? It’s just SO COMMON NOW – WHY?!

OK so there are a LOT of reasons and I’m probably going to miss a few, but there are 5 key areas that WILL help:


Firstly, hormone balance is not what it used to be – this doesn’t just affect your fertility or your thyroid function, hormones control your sleep cycles as well. So what can we do about it?

  1. Get sunshine in the morning to help create the correct cycle of hormones for later on.
  2. Get rid of your toxic hormone-disrupting chemicals around the house and in your soaps. There ARE natural options available right here. You have to get serious about balancing your hormones for all sorts of reasons, but sleep is definitely one.
  3. Copaiba essential oil can support the balancing of melatonin (sleep hormone)  – get in touch for more details.


The next step in your journey is to remineralise so that your muscles can relax. Most of us are deficient in Magnesium (as is our soil so we aren’t getting enough through food). Magnesium (Mg) is a key mineral for muscles to relax, as well as to maintain appropriate bone density. Get your Epsom salt baths happening and if you don’t have a bath, make yourself a foot soak in a bucket or buy a Mg spray – plenty on the market now and in your health food shops.

Energy and Emotions

Don’t think for a moment that your child isn’t picking up on something else in their environment. Relationship stress, financial stress. Kids are wide open to what we are putting into their space emotionally and energetically – our heart energy has been mapped to extend metres from the body so science is telling us this is fact! As the source of security, comfort and safety for a young child, if you are stressed they will sense that and think there is danger present. Sucks I know – we have enough on our plate and now we have to not be stressed about it as well! My suggestion – get taking those Epsom salt baths with your kids and a few drops of relaxing essential oils and maybe everyone can bring the anxious feelings down a notch and get better rest.

Screen Time

This does relate to hormones but needs it’s own section because it is a HUGE problem. You need to axe screen time anywhere near bed – for you, your partner or your kids. Major sleep disruptor. If hubby comes home from work tired and then spends hours on a screen and complains of insomnia – he needs a new bedtime routine. Seriously. Sorry but you gotta change something to create change. You want to sleep, ditch the screen and pick up a book. You can get blue-light filters to assist with this issue also, but really…

Promote Sleep

You can promote good sleep with essential oils known to calm the brain chemistry and bring a sedative type effect to the body. Obvious ones like Lavender have been used for centuries (or probably longer!) to sooth and calm the body, mind and spirit. Some I highly recommend specifically for people struggling with sleep:

  1. Cedarwood – deeply calming
  2. Vetiver – again deeply calming, especially for the brain
  3. Juliper Berry – amazing for nightmares
  4. Marjoram – for that mind that never switches off

You can create your own amazing blend using these or I can highly recommend some of doTERRA’s amazing blends – specifically designed for promoting calm and an amazing night’s sleep. If you’d like to know more or NEED these oils STAT! I’d love to hear from you – let’s get this sorted for you because we ALL need our beauty sleep!

Sweet dreams xx

Cover photo credit to Rose Hewartson. Many thanks Rose for this beautiful pic xx