Join Certified Infant Massage Instructor Catherine Christoforatos of Generation Wellness Australia assited by Jessie Reimers of Get a Fresh Start in this Four Week Infant & Toddler Massage Course

The course will cover permission sequences to encourage babies to learn appropriate touch, as well as massage strokes for the whole body. Free goodie bag included!


** Enhancing body awareness & Improving parent and child interaction

** Calming your child easily & effectively and getting child to sleep

** Assists with post natal depression in parents and improves mood and self esteem in both parent & child

** Learn how to effectively & naturally assist your child with asthma, eczema, colic & reflux

** Wonderful for premmies to help weight gain, boost immune system, increase serotonin and reduces stress hormones & increase nerve myelination

** Bond with your little one- Provides parents with positive action if child is sick, improves parent-child interaction and makes parents more aware of child’s body language and communication

** Includes your own goodie bag of top quality massage oil and essential oils that are particularly useful for babies, toddlers and of course parents.

Only 6 places to a class so first in best dressed.

Cost is at an introductory offer of $245 for the entire four week course. This is a massive 50% off the regular price and includes free oils and vouchers, as well as guest speakers.

Class will run each Wednesday four in a row from Wednesday the 8th of October from 2-3pm.

Please email Catherine at for any specific enquiries