Did you know we have three brains? OK not literally brains, but areas of concentrated brain cells – the heart, the gut and the …well, the brain of course.

3 brains – three systems controlling how you feel and process information. 3 systems that can respond to information and create neuronal responses (signals) that travel through your body. There are actually more neuronal pathways that run from the heart TO the brain than there are from the brain to the heart…interesting.

Interesting fact #2: Did you also know that we have smell receptors on our heart. Yep. Scent can activate or change chemistry in our heart (which we most often associate with our feelings).

Interesting fact #3: Smell is the ONLY scent that bypasses the processing areas of your brain and goes directly to the emotional centre of your brain, the amygdala. So if you need to change the way you FEEL, smell is the most direct and immediate way to do this.

We’re learning a LOT here right?


So the biggest struggle with the work I do is helping people understand the power of pure essential oils to impact our health. We have now established a link between emotional health and smell. We can CHANGE THE CHEMISTRY of emotions and feelings in the body, with scent.

Let me also go this far:

Almost ALL physical disease and illness, starts with some emotional cause or block or stress in the body. Yep. I totally went there. Stress and emotional baggage is one of the primary precursors to disease.

So here’s the gift of essential oils – when we feel stressed, negative, overwhelmed, powerless, we can CHANGE our chemistry and CHOOSE a different biology in our body. We smell something that is soothing or calming, and we let go of the stress and overwhelm. We smell something and our heart and amygdala change the signals that communicate to our body how we are feeling, how we are coping and what we are processing. Powerful.

So if we are feeling an emotion and then smell an essential oil to help release or dissipate it, the emotion doesn’t wind up stuck in our energy system. It doesn’t sit there and fester until our physical body decides to show us what’s going on.

Preventative health did I say? You bet I did.

New concept: when we FEEL and THINK something at the same time, we can create a new BELIEF about ourselves. How many negative thoughts and beliefs do you have about yourself? Come on, be honest. I’ve heard stats say that at least 70% of our self-talk is negative. BUT it takes 5-7 positive thoughts to outweigh one negative one…now I’m not claiming to be an expert at math, but it seems to me the odds are stacked against us!

So what if we circumvent those negative beliefs? What if we choose to shift those negative feelings with something that can change the emotional chemistry occurring in our body and NOT create more negative beliefs that we just have to weed out later with our therapist? What if huh? Sounds good to me!

You CAN do this, with smell. And what better than a pure essential oil to really connect with something beautiful, powerful and nourishing for our soul…

This is one of the reasons I chose this modality. This is why I LOVE what I do – Aromatic-Kinesiology. I found the perfect release for negative emotions and the perfect way to FIND what needs releasing, with muscle-testing. If you’d like to know more about oils or AK, I am offering 20min free consults for people who are new to this world of emotional release and essential oils. Please email me to book a time: genwell.au@gmail.com