So here we all are. It’s 2020 and life got really intense. For me, I am axious, but not about a virus. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not being selfish about spreading disease, I am sitting at home obeying the law. I already home-schooled my kids. I already worked from home. My life didn’t even change…but I don’t agree with current measures and I ask only for my right of free speech to say that.

I probably sound arrogant to some. I’d invite you to hear confidence in my research, not arrogance but hey, haters gonna hate.

I know things about health. I know microbiology, I know scientific literature and I have researched this a lot. I know how to help people stay well and I think if more people felt that their health wasn’t threatened then maybe we could all be a little …less anxious. A little more kind. That’s what I’d like to help create.

Are the elderly at risk? Always. So let’s give them the nourishment and care they need…


Let me backstep for a moment. Whenever I get run down, I get a scratchy throat. It’s my first sign that I have been pushing too hard or have been eating the wrong food. True story. Research shows sugar suppresses the immune system for approximately 5 hrs, so if you’re run down and eating sugary foods…expect to go down …


with my emotional healing journey I’m finding my throat triggers less and it almost NEVER progresses into illness. Especially if I get oils on it quickly…

I’ll come back to this.

How I’m choosing health right now

My daily:

  • wholefood vitamins, minerals & omegas
  • fresh juice
  • liposomal vitamin C (there have been HUNDREDS of studies showing how amazing good ol vit C is..)
  • copaiba essential oil (read about the science of oils and antiviral chemistry here)
  • frankincense eo
  • tangerine or grapefruit oil in my glass of water (do NOT do this if you don’t have pure oils or aren’t comfortable)
  • grounding outside in the sunshine
  • yoga

If I’m extra run down:

  • tea tree and rose essential oil
  • epsom salt baths
  • extra bone nutrients with vitamin D, vit C and Zinc
  • ginger teas
  • cinnamon in fresh juices

There are also herbs that can help, but I stick to what I know and EOs are the concentrated medicinal component of the plant so I’m ok with where I’m at.

Is this just for COVID?

So here’s the thing. My belief is the label of the disease or condition isn’t so important, the upshot of how to be HEALTHY is almost always the same…Here’s something on the essentials of healing…

  1. Gut health and good nutrition is always foundational. If you aren’t sure where to start or need to know more, click here to see a post I have done specifically on healing leaky gut. Contact me if you need some of the best nutritional support I’ve EVER experienced and my whole family uses daily.
  2. Lymphatic flow and supporting the body to detox is also key – if we don’t allow toxins to be removed then they build up in our body and that doesn’t sound ideal does it. I love to use Cypress essential oil on my lymphatic acupressure points (sternum and sides of thighs is a good start).
  3. More good stuff in, more bad stuff out. Rest, sunshine, exercise & reduce inflammation by lowering stress and improving diet (can de-stress with oils too…seems to be a theme here!).


What’s the deal with the throat story?

So back to my throat story – it used to be my point of weakness. It is still my first sign I have pushed too far with my health. But how did it come to be that I don’t get the raging sore throats and ear infections I used to? Not only do I choose to follow my own advice above most of the time (hey, noone’s perfect!), but I am releasing all the emotional blocks and generational traumas that have been held in my throat.

I know this is a stretch for some people to believe – that healing emotions stops me getting sick but it has been demonstrated that stress and trauma changes our DNA. The DNA we inherit. Yes, that DNA – we get an imprint of much of the emotional trauma of our ancestors in our DNA… So if it’s in my DNA it’s in my body. It’s a physical change that happens due to emotion and trauma. So healing the emotions should create a physical change too right? Reverse the physiology, more or less. Bends the mind but makes sense…

I will leave you to ponder that and draw your own conclusions.

PS If you need to know more about healing emotionally, feel free to check out my kinesiology page.