How do you know you have healing to do?

You are not 100%

You are beautiful. You are amazing. But…

You are not 100%

Not 100% healed. Not 100% healthy. Not 100% YOU…

How do I know?

Because we are not just a physical body.
We are a combination of our emotions,
our thoughts (which have been PROVEN to change the expression of our DNA),
our spirit,
our energy and
our physical body….

We cannot be 100% healthy until we heal ALL of that …
🌸Our family history and the experiences inherited in our DNA..
🌸Our emotional baggage..
🌸Our negative thoughts and fears…
So that instead of holding these within us..
They can be released..
And balance restored at the very core of our being…

You are beautiful. You are amazing.
But you can be more.
And your children can be more…
🌸More free.
🌸More in harmony.
🌸More clear on the truth of who YOU really are.

It’s a beautiful thing. It’s powerful healing. It can be for you too.

Is this your truth? Are you ready for the journey?

Join me in your own perfect time.