Story #1: A friend of mine’s daughter had nightmares. Really, really, out of the ordinary, horrific nightmares. They tried everything. Hypnosis, doctors, mental health, diets. EVERYTHING. The only reason my friend tried essential oils was because there was nothing else left. So she tried. Her daughter went from waking 15 times a night, terrified to be alone or in the dark; to sleeping on her own at the back of the house, no light, just oils.

Story #2: Chronic migraine sufferer. Chronic as in 5 a week for over 30 years! In the first 3 weeks of using the tension blend and some oils for supporting hormone balance, instead of the 15 migraines she would normally have in that time, she had 2. Not bad.

I could sit and write people’s stories all night, but I won’t. The oils work. There is research showing they work and all you need to do is try and you’ll know for yourself. My husband calls them magic and he was a total sceptic to begin.

Let’s just clarify for a second – my background is in medical research. I have a science degree and a psych degree. I’ve never really been into hippie. So how do I find myself telling people about essential oils? Well it’s an interesting thing…

Essential Oils – what are they? 

Essential oils are the natural defences of plants. They have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and anti-whatever-a-plant-needs-to-stay-healthy properties. And luckily – they work for us too. Pure essential oils are a potent, concentrated therapeutic resource that has been largely untapped for a long time.

Why are oils not more widely used? Frankincense

Firstly – oils have been used for thousands of years and they are on their way to becoming very widely accepted again. My theory on why we lost touch with the properties of pure essential oils is the quality on the market wasn’t as good as it could be. That is no longer the case.

Purity vs Potency

Often people tell me they get pure/organic EOs from the healthfood shop, so why buy doTERRA? I can tell you exactly why.

  1. Industry standards and regulations are lax, so what a label says rarely tells you much about the quality of the oil.
  2. If an oil isn’t pure, this is a serious issue. Essential Oils are very small lipophilic molecules – they can pass directly into your cells. This is what makes them so incredibly effective (even when you are sick or your cells aren’t functioning optimally) but it’s also why purity is REALLY important.
  3. Just because something is “pure” or “organic” says nothing about how it was extracted and how potent it is therapeutically (ie whether it works).
  4. doTERRA came onto the market with a decision that they would accept NOTHING LESS than the very best in both purity AND potency. They select each plant species with the knowledge of the specific chemistry they need to have maximal therapeutic value. They source every plant from it’s indigenous climate to optimise growth conditions (and therefore chemistry). And they have every batch third-party independently tested to ensure both purity and potency are of the absolute top standards on the market.
  5. doTERRA also have a stance on sourcing sustainably and with a very clear intention to support and enhance the lives of the farmers in the communities from which we source. The heart of the company is amazing.

What the Research Says

Don’t take my word for it – doTERRA are doing loads of research in collaboration with John’s Hopkins and loads of other medical research centres around the USA, proving how awesome essential oils can be. Funny story about JHH actually – the collaboration started because a researcher at JHH didn’t want their mum wasting money on hippie oils (sound familiar?) so she offered to take them to her lab and prove they didn’t work, so mum could save her moula. Didn’t quite turn out as expected – JHH were blown away by how effectively the oils worked (even against drug-resistant bacteria). Now they are keen collaborators.

Rather than list loads of research articles here, you are welcome to explore your area of interest on Pubmed (the medical literature database) or check out or You’re always welcome to contact me also and I can help point you in the right direction.

How do I get oils? 

So easy – everyone can register an online shopping account and get doTERRA oils for a wholesale price – it’s such an amazing opportunity!

All you do is go to: 

Click “Join & Save”

Register yourself.

Get stuck? Contact me and I can talk you through it.

Fine print? I hear you ask. It’s $35 to set up a wholesale account and you’ll get 25% off everything, no strings attached.

The alternative is to get a pre-designed kit and you’ll get the $35 waived.

Here’s an idea of the kits you can get:

How do I learn to use them? 

Are you wondering why you’d buy something you don’t know how to use?

  1. The health benefits of using something natural (that your body can actually metabolise) avoids any side effects you might experience using something synthetic
  2. If you decide to use doTERRA and register yourself for an account through the link above, you will be part of an amazing support network that can answer any questions you have on your oily journey
  3. I will provide you with lists of the best reference books and apps that will make learning about oils an absolute breeze.
  4. You learn as you go – when you have something you need to learn about (sudden headache, period pain, cold sore or even just need help concentrating) you ask or look it up and you’ll know for next time – one oil, one question at a time with loads of love and support on your way.

Uses of Home Essential Kit

You can overhaul your family medicine cabinet with something that is safer, more affordable and more effective – I LOVE having these in my home. I can’t fully convey in a blog post how amazing this empowering journey has been for myself and my kids, how amazing doTERRA is as a heart-led company and how passionate I am about supporting other people to be empowered too.

doTERRA’s vision is to be know as the company to lift the most people out of poverty. I LOVE that I’m a part of this. You can be too:

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