We live in the toxic age. Our technology is further ahead of us than we know how to safely manage (and it’s too profitable by far so why stop and check when there is money to be made!). So I come across a LOT of people needing to detox from heavy metals and other toxins.

Metal toxicity is real, and the results can be profound. From chronic fatigue to migraines to hormone disruption and everything in between. Heavy metals feed viral overload in our bodies, as does the hormone disruption. Trust me, we’re a mess and we don’t want to see it. What we do know is that the rates of Autism and ADHD are sky-rocketing and noone seems clear why…

What I want to offer here are some natural solutions – a list of foods, herbs* and essential oils, tips and tricks to remember when detoxing.


Firstly I want to make special mention of cilantro essential oil. Essential oils are the medicinal part, the therapeutically potent part, of a plant in it’s purest, most concentrated form. So the special mention is because while cilantro the herb is good, cilantro the oil is truly epic in what it can achieve.

Additionally we need to understand that heavy metals become embedded in the vital organs of the body – including the brain. Essential oils can cross the blood-brain barrier and have powerful effect where needed. I do sell essential oils because I have seen how incredibly powerful they can be so while I’m here I’ll mention there is another fab detox-support blend I can offer called Zendocrine**.


Now when you are detoxing and the cilantro is drawing toxins out of your liver, brain, fat stores – where is it going to go? No point pulling it out of your brain to end up in your liver or vice versa. You might want to look into chelation therapy – this is where we use things to bind to the heavy metals to ensure they leave our body rather than relocating. As a minimum I suggest you use clay, charcoal and/or spirulina. Spirulina is amazing for binding heavy metals such as mercury so that it can safely pass through the body.


WIld bluberries – can help restore the central nervous system (CNS) and flush neurotoxins from the liver

Spirulina – really important for chelation and safe removal of heavy metals as described above

Vitamin C (Ester-C form) – in a natural form this little vitamin packs a huge punch. It helps repair damage throughout and is brilliant at detox/cleanse support for the liver. It also has antiviral properties – I’ll come to why this is important below.

Ginko biloba – helps to remove mercury and reduce inflammation


Let’s face it, kids are exposed to a lot these days and the cerebral midline is open until around age 18, so whatever we can do to clear the toxins from the brain before it closes, the better the life they will have! Consider these brain-repairing foods and herbs in addition to the detoxing ones:

B-complex, especially B12 – to nourish the brain

Zinc – for neurotransmitter support (by supporting endocrine glands)

GABA – strengthens neurotransmitters and calms the CNS

EPA & DHA – commonly we source these from fish oils but you’d be better off finding a plant source for this purpose. These essential fats help repair and grow neurons.


Melissa essential oil can help sooth damage but has the additional benefit of antiviral support – viruses tend to thrive on heavy metals and it is quite common with heavy metal toxicity and CNS inflammation viruses have an absolute field day. Strongly consider antiviral support when you are going through this detox process.

Frankincense essential oil is being shown to help with repair and soothing inflammation – really powerful tool for recovering from any toxic overload (including emotional/stress as well as the environmental).

Probiotics – always important to support the digestive system as the home of the immune system – any high-quality brand is beneficial.

Be sure to support yourself nutritionally through any detox process – I’m happy to chat further about how you might best do this.

**I do sell the most amazing essential oils and cleanse products, get in touch and we can tailor a package for you.

*Foods and herbs largely sourced from Medical Medium, by Anthony William. Fantastic book.


Please do your own research and make your own decisions. This information is not to be taken as medical advice, it is based on my reading and research. Your medical history is unique to you so please consult your doctor.