We beat ourselves up as parents. Well I know I do. I am especially good at it. I even went to a counsellor who is really good at making you face your sh*t, and she was like….hey, you need to cut yourself a break hun. Seriously.

There are those small glimpses of something wonderful though, where you think hey, maybe I’m not doing so bad. Yesterday my children were discussing what they might wish for. Here is the list my kids came up with…

  • Healthy ice cream
  • No sugary foods
  • We can pay for everything we need with hugs
  • Daddy home more
  • People that don’t have anything – we’d like them to have the same life we are going to have…
  • Everyone is happy and sharing

To me, that’s a pretty amazing, powerful list. It really makes you stop and think. We visited a wishing tree a few weeks ago and Miss-only-just-6 wished for “Knowing the right way…”

So I ask you this: what do you wish for? When you lie awake at night, or are stressing about the next job interview or bill to pay – what do you reach for in your life? What are you creating?

It’s January, 2017. We have a whole new year to create something amazing. So what’s the first step? Let’s get really clear what we are truly reaching for and WHY. What will you invite into your world in 2017? Write it down, make a vision board, ask the universe for it….and then TAKE ACTION.

It is but small steps daily that lead to greatness.

Never ever dampen what you want to invite in because it seems too big, just write it down, ask for it and then look for the first small step to take you in that direction. One thing I can do today… One foot after another.

The WHY – that’s key. THAT is what is driving this bus. Dig deep – why is that important? Why? They say you’ve found it when it makes you cry…can’t quite find it yet? Whatever it is for you right now, start with that. It will evolve. You will evolve. One step at a time…

Let’s make 2017 a year we look back on… and smile 🙂