What is your Health costing you?


What if you could have more time in your day? Hours in your week?

What if we could just be healthier more days of the year? And feel good. Energised. Motivated. HAPPY! Yay!

What does sickness cost you and your family in time and energy?

When it comes to health care I feel like we have forgotten something really important. We have forgotten that being healthy is normal. We don’t believe we can prevent sickness by protecting our health.

Sickness and disorder is generally initiated by imbalance, a stress. Stresses come in many forms.

Emotional, physical, environment, relationships, chemical, financial.

Without stresses and disruption to the natural balance, we are healthy. But life gets messy, of course is does. And things sometimes get out of whack. But we don’t have to wait until sickness presents to be aware that things are imbalanced and take action. We can correct as we go…


Let’s break down some simple examples:

To boost and support a healthy immune system. Good gut flora is directly linked to a healthy immune system and more balanced mental health. Let’s work on improving diet and gut health to make ourselves more robust when threats to our health occur.

While we are talking about diet: Vitamin D is linked to better mental health. Vitamin C to stronger defence against toxins and disease. These can be sourced naturally through sunshine and good food but if you’re struggling a good wholefood supplement is a good option. I do both. I don’t just have a better immune response, I am emotionally more balanced and I have more energy every day. This stuff makes a difference.

Essential oils/smells are a direct way to influence the biochemistry being released from the emotional control centre of the brain, the amygdala. So smelling an uplifting or calming oil in a time of stress, low mood or overwhelm is a great way to rebalance emotionally.

We can also go deeper with emotional healing using kinesiology and other modalities to really heal and release those things we have been holding on to which keep our overall vibration lower.

Minimise environmental and chemical stresses we are exposed to: this can be as simple as choosing low-tox options for cleaning, personal care, food. And yes, organic is expensive. DIY however, tends not to be and if it’s simple enough for me, anyone can honestly give it a crack!

Finally, the BIG elephant in the room that nobody is talking about: the lymphatic system. We can only do so much to reduce toxins so some exposure is unavoidable. Its ok, our body is built for that too. The body has processes for flushing toxins out of your body. The problem is in most people it isn’t working so well. With a sluggish lymphatic system the toxins are stagnating and staying put. To get them moving there are trigger points you can use/rub. I love using cypress essential oils down the outside of my thighs. Drink LOADS of water when you do this because flushing toxins is thirsty work!


When I see people resistant to using natural solutions for their health I believe there are a few factors at play:


1. If we don’t believe we can be healthy, we don’t seek it. We expect to catch the next thing making the rounds. We aren’t taught that we can prevent illness, so few people realise they can.

2. People are taught that natural options aren’t valid or “scientific”. I invite you to try geeking out on some science, it’s a past-time of mine.

3. We are taught that someone else is the expert. I know for certain that the person who knows your body best is the person who is living in it every day. Trust your instincts, listen to the doctor’s advice, do your research, explore and educate yourself and THEN make your OWN decision for your health.


I know that we have challenges to our health through a whole host of stressors. We really do. But being healthy isn’t luck, it’s making these steps toward better nourishment and better choices. We won’t prevent everything, but we’ll bounce back super-fast and we’ll be gaining many more energised, healthy hours in our days for the whole family.

What is your biggest source of stress? There are solutions for each that I have mentioned. If you’d like to touch base to find the best first step for you and your family, I can offer a free 15min consult via video link.

I hope you believe it’s possible.