People talk of the new miracle cure all the time – for a while it was soy, until we realised it was overloading us with phytoestrogens when we are already oestrogen dominant. For a while I think broccoli was going to save the world. Now we have the “superfood” epidemic. But seriously, if you want to talk about a SUPER food, let’s talk about one humble little vitamin.

“Vitamin C is an absolute Virucide. That means, in a test tube, if you have virus and you have vitamin C, the virus is dead… it is the ultimate Antitoxin… Vitamin C exerts anti-cancer activity… High plasma Vitamin C levels are clearly linked with lowered risk of coronary artery disease. Vitamin C has no known definable toxic dose.”  ~Thomas Levy, M.D.

Wow huh? Who says we need synthetic meds when we have vitamin C in our lives? But do we? Do we have Vitamin C? When you buy it from the chemist I can pretty well guarantee it is a synthetic version. I can hypothesise that this may serve several purposes – it’s just easier to create something sythetic. One could also argue they are successfully keeping you in the dark about how truly powerful one simple vitamin can be. If it’s synthetic it won’t work so well and you’ll keep taking your meds like a good little girl or boy. Enough with that – we want the heavy duty stuff! Give me natural and give it to me now!!

So how do we get some natural Vitamin C?

For a concentrated natural option for when you’re really sick try camu camu powder in a smoothie, or in a crunch, buy some Sodium Ascorbate powder from your natural healthfood shop. Anything that says ascorbic acid is synthetic. You need an Ascorbate and the better option is Sodium (there are concern with mineral balance if you choose Calcium Ascorbate).

Foodwise for general health and wellbeing: top of my hit list is Blackcurrents, with over 200mg per cup. Raw red peppers, guava, orange juice, grapefruit juice, kohlrabi, papaya, lemons…so many choices!

It’s important to note that we don’t store a lot – it generally clears from the body in 3-4hrs so keep up with regular doses if you are unwell.

Other nifty things I’ve learnt about Vitamin C:

  • In combination with Vitamin E it may protect against sunburn and promote skin healing.
  • Vitamin C deficiency may increase the risk of gallstones.
  • Vitamin C may help reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress (which can result in cell damage from free radicals).
  • Antibiotics, steroids and other drugs may increase the body’s need for Vitamin C, particularly due to it’s ability to reduce toxin damage in the body.

Remember that everything you put into and onto your body affects every cell in your body. Whilst you may end up requiring allopathic medicine at some point in your life, there is a lot to be said for exploring the natural options and getting a better understanding of what they have to offer….

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