For a long time it felt really weird coming from a science background, to end up in natural health and essential oils. I’m sure you are thinking the same thing. So, how does a scientist end up doing all this hippie woo-woo stuff? Here’s a thought – maybe, just maybe, there is science behind it.


Seriously, did you ever think that perhaps I haven’t been brainwashed with too much weed or a few too many chakra dances. Maybe, just maybe there is REAL medicinal value in nature. Maybe, just maybe, there is even scientific evidence of its efficacy (ie that it WORKS).

Because here’s what I’ve learnt, as a scientist:

  • Nature is where we find health solutions. These cannot be patented however, so in order to make MONEY out of the product the industry need to create a synthetic version.
  • Synthetics don’t work as well as nature, due to the simplicity of chemistry. A synthetic contains lots of replicas 1 molecule. Great to have a concentrated dose you say? Well maybe. Frankincense essential oil, for example, contains over 200 chemical constituents. These 200+ work together to enhance the biochemical effect. These 200 also mean that if say Frankincense had antimicrobial properties…well the little blighters couldn’t create any resistance to 200 molecules the way they can to a single molecule (in say, an antibiotic).
  • When you create a synthetic you create what are called enantiomers – for every molecule there is a mirror image. The mirror image should not exist (in nature) but is created when you are making something synthetic. Mirror images are like the evil twin – they aren’t natural, they can’t be metabolised safely and so they run around causing these things called “side-effects” in the body – you may have heard of them?
  • When you understand how much amazing research doTERRA has done I can tell you I love the advantages of having studied organic chemistry in being able to fully appreciate HOW essential oils work in healing the body…

Trust me, it took even me a while to find the sense in moving from science to natural health, but it does make sense. There is power in understanding essential oil chemistry and it’s fascinating to learn about – the research to select for the absolute best therapeutic chemistry is exciting and eye-opening.

So who doesn’t want to learn about this magic of nature? To learn of solutions that are all around us in plants – the fruit, the leaves, the stem, the bark, the root…to see the amazing scientific research that is proving how flipping EPIC pure essential oils are!

With my experience in this industry now, I know personally people who have gone from crippling chronic illness to amazing health with natural products and a good wholefood diet. It seems so simple – maybe too simple and that’s why you don’t want to believe it? We have the power in our hands to take control of our health – is that too scary? That it could all be up to you?

But it doesn’t have to be just you. What I love about what I do is that I get to help others learn about these natural wonders. You don’t have to do this alone! Is good health too much for you? Do you not deserve happiness? If and when you think you’re ready…I’m here.