Sickness Cycle Central! Do you have kids that are just constantly snotty and miserable? Do they catch one thing after another? Are you TIRED of all that? If your answer was no, there are two alternatives – either your kids aren’t sick. (YAY!) Or they are and you are sold the idea that’s normal. Sorry to be the bearer of bad new but…It’s not normal. It has become normalised that children have certain conditions, but it ain’t normal. To explain normalised, I created this video. Feel free to check it out.

So let’s just clarify – LOADS of kids are sick…constantly catching one thing after another, coughing, snotty and this is NOT normal. Loads of kids have allergies, eczema, asthma and this too should not be accepted as normal.

So how? Why? What happened to create this crazy cycle of continual sickness and chronic goodness knows what?

Well this is a many headed beast but…

Gut Health is lowered through diet, formula feeding, C-sec births, pesticides on food, and antibiotics (to name just a few)

This is NOT a criticism if you had to do any of these things. But we need to work to correct the gut to compensate to help our kids be healthier and thrive – which is what we all want!

So when we get sick we go to the doctor and get antibiotics.

Which then impairs gut health..

Which is responsible for 80% of the immune system…

Which means we get sick again more easily…

And again


See why I call it a cycle?

Gut health is also related to allergies, asthma, mental health, AUTISM…ALL OF IT is correlated with gut health.

ANXIETY? Oh man isn’t that the new kid on the block. Did you know that as our parent’s generation will have the highest cases of heart disease etc, our children’s generation will have the highest rate of mental illness and emotional unwellness EVER. But that too is just becoming “normal”.

Also linked to gut health.

So when does it stop?

OK so here’s why I love what I do…I can help you get OFF that runaway train! Stop running on the crazy treadmill of sick-sick-sick and be WELL. How about it? Are you up for a little education and empowerment in your life to just be WELL? And have happy, healthy children? There’s no strings. It’s just about learning to do things a bit differently. OK, there’s one string – YOU NEED TO BE EMPOWERED for your family. Find a doctor who works with you and explains all your options and talks to you openly. Seek other information and options available. Do your research and choose for you and your family the best fit.

I have helped hundreds of others step away from sickness for their families and if you’re ready for this, then I’m ready to chat with you about the steps we can take. Let’s book a time.

To your health and happiness xx