It starts with you…
There are so many things we “should” be doing and we always put ourselves last. You can’t fill another person’s bucket with nothing in your own to give…
But it’s more than that…it’s not about doing all the things we “should”, seriously who has the time?! It’s about appreciating every moment and feeling that every moment is an opportunity to nourish ourselves.
Turning every experience into something nourishing for myself is a whole new perspective for me. But let me explain it like this – I could say “I went for a walk, had my morning shower and brekky” but here’s where my head and heart were at….
Step 1:
So I started walking in the mornings again. Sounds simple – hubby has been doing loads of nights, so there was noone here to stay with the kids…that was my excuse anyway. Turns out my kids prefer to come with me and I need to just suck it up and do it. And it may not be the most rigourous exercise with kids hanging off my arms but it’s something. It was more than something – I got fresh air and exercise, I got time to chat with my kids. It was more than something. And if I do get a chance to go on my own I get time to think which feels AMAZING!
Step 2:
I came home from my walk and had a Mg salt and clay bath with some essential oils to help ease my muscles (it’s been a while) and assist detoxing. I won’t have a bath every morning, but the kids had been for a walk with me, they were content without me for a few minutes at least! I didn’t ask for an hour, I just took the few minutes that were and made the most of it…
Step 3:
I am so acutely aware of eating healthy but I was doing it because it was the “right” thing, not to honour my self and my body with the love and nourishment it needed. So after my bath I created a green juice and my usual eggs+avo+kraut brekky (Kids eat eggs most mornings too).
Green juices are becoming a bit of a ritual for me because I feel it’s the right thing to nourish and cleanse my body. I’m not just consuming, I’m being aware and there is real intent in my choices. I usually add fruit (pineapple, papaya, banana) and greens (kale, spinach, pre and probiotic blend) with some lemon juice and ginger…tumeric if I have it.
Step 4:
I have an essential oil blend I have made as an anchor for my passion and goals, a reminder to step into every day with courage and purpose. Applying it in the morning is about honouring and nourishing my spirit, not just about putting deodorant on. I apply with intent and take a moment to feel into the energy of that aroma.
Am I for REAL?
Don’t get me wrong – I am not some amazing zen super-mum. My journey has come from seeking – seeking the right people to support me and the right job to become a passion and purpose. Seeking a better way to live, parent and just …be. The light doesn’t just flick on one day – it’s small steps. So I encourage you to never ever be daunted about change – just be courageous enough to take that first small step and allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to ask for the support and guidance you need along the way.
I invite you to be there for you…