Nature vs Nurture: that old thing

Nature vs Nurture: It’s genetic…or is it? I hear ot all the time…”I can’t do anything, it’s genetic.” But is this in fact true?

Nature vs nurture. I was asked this question again recently. It’s an interesting one to revisit with modern advances in understanding. Tragically, as I decided to explore articles on the subject I found that no one was writing anything about modern advances, just the same story I learnt in psych classes and genetics lectures 20-25 years ago.

Eye colour = genetic. Height = genes plus some environment. Different theories of psychology and biology explaining how we might have an interplay of genes and environment determining the way we turn out…blah blah …..Bleh. Good grief, really?

Ok so here’s what I know:

We are made up of atoms…99.9999% of these are empty space and vibrations…

We are made up of genes…99% of DNA does NOT code for any functional protein. This “junk” DNA responds to energy, experiences, emotions, and can control which genes are turned on and off…

So this… this is fascinating right?

We know that DNA can respond to thoughts and emotions! (Look at the writing of Gregg Braddon – The Divine Matrix is a great book.) We know that DNA is passed down through generations. We know from quantum physics that we are all energy vibrating (You might refer to Einstein for this one!)…and we can change the level at which we are vibrating by releasing old emotions and experiences that are trapped in our energetic being.

Dr Bruce Lipton goes so far as to say that our biology and health can be completely related to our beliefs and working in this field I completely agree that if we can heal ourselves emotionally and energetically these old patterns will be released and we can heal many physical ills. Does this change our eye colour? Some people will say it can, yes. (That has a lot to do with how toxic your body is actually but that’s a whole different blog!) What I can tell you is that many, many things that are considered genetic can be reverse with lifestyle changes and emotional healing processes.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (Dr McBride) significantly reduced her son’s autism with dietary and gut health changes. There are parents of autistic children who are going to get angry at me for saying so. There are parents who believe that it’s genetic/natural. There are parents who are angry because by saying we can change it implies there is something wrong and they don’t accept this view of their child. I understand, really I do. But the whole science of epigenetics and junk DNA confirms that nothing is set in stone. Genes can be turned on and off. Conditions can be altered. I am not saying that genes don’t play a role; but toxicity, emotional trauma, trapped energies, gut health…there are SO MANY other factors that will impact how our genes are expressed. We can choose to accept a diagnosis, or we can choose a different prognosis. And honestly, this post isn’t about autism because we ALL have stuff to release. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of us.

Emotional Release means what exactly?

So this is the work I love to do. It is powerful. It is super-effective. And it has changed my life.

Where does all this pent up emotional crud come from? Well we’ve seen above that our DNA encodes more than our genes. They are recorders of emotion and experiences. So how much extra did you get passed down from your ancestors?

Did you also know that before the age of 7 children’s brains run on theta waves? Basically they have no filter – everything just goes in and gets assimilated. Makes you feel like a really crap parent right about now. Sorry, I’m feeling you. I am right there with you.

The awesome thing is we can clear what is stored emotionally in the body (yes for the kids too). What this allows is for us to become more objective in an argument or in what was previously an emotionally triggering situation. It removes that emotion that interferes with rational thought at those times we’d really like to think…rationally. It allows us to be a more peacful, calm mum/dad/friend because these pain points of stored emotion are released instead of pressed again and again (don’t you love that friend who pokes your bruises?!).

Clearing those ancestral things that cloud you emotionally (trust me, it’s like removing a cloud) also allows you to feel your own thoughts and inner voice more clearly. I know, I sound crazy right about now. Trust me, I’m a scientist. Doing this work for myself is what led me to want to do it for you. It is AMAYYY-ZING.

Ok so now that I’ve gone there…back to the science…

So is it 50:50 or what?

When genes were discovered some people believed it was 90% genetics and 10% environment (roughly) that were responsible for who and what we are and what we suffer from in our life. We still hear so much marketing toward the genetic approach of illness – get your genetic test and your early screening and then we have waaayyyy more time to sell you all our medical solutions… *slightly cynical. It’s genetic.

Over time it was considered more an equal interplay – maybe 50:50 for most things but no one really knew the exact dynamics of which one was driving which.

Epigenetics and junk DNA came along and blew it all out of the water. Methylation. Turning genes on and off. It’s a fascinating process and I worked in this field before it even really had an identity. It was fascinating. But so much more so when you look at the emotional side of various conditions. How much more power do we have when we know we can release ourselves emotionally; clean toxins out of our diet; change our gut health…so many things we CAN do to shift where we lie genetically. What we express.

I’m not claminig cures or miracles (although feel free to expect them always) but I like to bring hope and empowerment because YOU CAN create change for you and your family.

YOU can choose a different prognosis.

It takes work, but the possibilities are ….breath-taking.