My background is in science. Can’t get more straight-forward, analytical, show-me-the-evidence mindset than my headspace. And yet…I studied Reiki? For a long time I wasn’t even sure why myself, and then I came across a fantastic book: The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden.

The book describes a series of three experiments looking at our relationship with energy and the results are truly breathtaking.

Experiment I

This experiment look at light photons in a tube. The photons arranged themselves randomly (as expected) until a piece of DNA was inserted into the tube. The photons then arranged themselves differently in the presence of the DNA. Even more bizzarely this new arrangment was maintained even when the DNA was removed!

So what does this mean? Well, aside from the fact it sounds a lot like the theory behind homeopathy, it seems a type of energy exists that we don’t know about? And our DNA can INFLUENCE MATTER (photon particles) through this form of energy. The DNA actually changed the behaviour of the photons.

But wait, it gets even more amazing…

Experiment II

Researchers collected DNA from volunteers and put it in a separate room or building (up to 350MILES away) and found that when the volunteer had an emotional experience the DNA REACTED SIMULTANEOUSLY, as though it was still connected.

Mind blown? There’s more…

Experiment III

DNA was collected in a glass beaker and was exposed to “coherent emotion” a powerful form of feeling people can be trained to apply which involves focusing on positive emotions and the heart charkra. The results? Human emotion CHANGED THE SHAPE OF THE DNA.

So if you put it all together?

Our emotions change our DNA and our DNA can change how matter behaves...the potential is…limitless…

None of this is really new. Emoto’s experiments on thoughts changing the structure of water are well documented:

Water Before Prayer                     Water After Prayer

So what is the take-home message from this post? So many points to make I suppose. Life is amazing, The world is an amazing place and we only know such a tiny portion of it. But we have so much power to create something positive and beautiful. Positive affirmations aren’t an airy-fairy hippy-love pasttime…or at least they shouldn’t be, cause the science is there. Evidence. Gob-smacking, can’t believe it but it’s THERE, evidence.

Embrace it, you are the amazing creator of your life.