Many people seem to feel that MLMs are the pox of the business world. Just this week I have heard someone say: “I sell this great product, and it’s not an MLM…” Ironically this person was at a NETWORKING event, to promote and MARKET her business. (??)

Sure, Ok, I see your point there.

Are They All Bad?

Granted, many people have had a bad experience with a pyramid scheme or a badly designed MLM. But on the other hand, there are badly run businesses in any industry, are there not? There are people who don’t conduct business with integrity or the way that you think they should everywhere, are there not?

So why does MLM get such a bad rap? Why are we so scared to see our friends succeed? MLMs grow from sharing with our networks right? So we start with our friends and family. This somehow leaves a bad taste in our mouth and yet…if you friend started a coffee shop, would you support them by buying coffee there? If you friend started a hair salon, would you tell your friends? THAT is network marketing.

Sales is another dirty word, and yet we are all selling, all of the time. We see a good movie and go tell our friends – we are selling them the idea that they should see that movie. THAT is network marketing.

So ask yourself, what do I fear by seeing my friend succeed? If you’re worried about being ‘recruited’ well here’s an idea…say no. Or better yet, if you resonate with the product, don’t be afraid to say yes! Maybe, just maybe you might want to say yes and that scares the pants off you!

My Experience in MLM

There are many successful entrepreneurs who recognise and advocate for the brilliance of a good MLM. But who cares about business models really. Let’s talk lifestyle. For me, what I got from an MLM:

  • Family – people with heart and intergrity that I truly resonate with are all around me. They love and support me as I do them.
  • Freedom – time with my family, time to homeschool my daughter, time to be flexible and find time for myself.
  • Residual income – who doesn’t want their investments to prosper? I invested my time into building this business and I can benefit from that without being at a desk every day, without working 9-5 the rest of my life. I can benefit from it ad infinitum. Residual = retirement plan.
  • An amazing product to share with people that heals and transforms lives – obviously you’re not going to get this everywhere, but there have to be some good ones out there!
  • An opportunity to contribute to healing projects all over the world.

In a nutshell, I got inspired.

Stay Open-Minded

Obviously you won’t get that with just any company. You’re making a business decision, so do your research… but at least DO some research before you say no.

Maybe some MLM people will be pushy. Some people will be salesy – but don’t blame the MLM. Blame the emotional scars that person carries or scarcity mindset they inherited that makes them work from fear. They would be who they are in any job.

I want people to join me with joy and inspiration. I want people to use and love essential oils for their family health and in turn be inspired to help others. If helping people to greater health and happiness is something you wouldn’t be caught dead doing…hmm…yes, perhaps this MLM gig is just not for you…

…or perhaps MLM is just not the real issue…