Youthful secrets – don’t we all want some!

Someone recently told me I look 28 and from what I could tell they didn’t even have a vision impairment! I’m blessed with olive skin but I’ve also been blessed with two non-sleeping children and I can honestly say I have discovered after 3 years of no decent sleep you pass into a whole new world. It’s a world of being able to fully function on 2-3hrs of broken sleep but you realise you have zero memory or ability to drive and you think you might have permanent brain damage (not even joking!)

Any new mums out there? I’m feeling you!

This obviously took its toll on my appearance as well as my memory.

Luckily, over time my memory slowly restored and I’m pleased to say, my driving ability did too! There were times I thought the only thing keeping me upright were my essential oils and my nourishing diet, but I made it to the other side and I say it like an acheivement because it is, as any mums out there would know.

More recently, I have ramped up the nourishing and I swear I have taken 10 years off my sleep-deprived face. Really. (obviously – I am looking 28!!) And it isn’t just me. I was talking to a newly retired lady just yesterday and she shared how ALL her friends comment on how young her skin looks. How? Why? Well here are some tips about keeping ourselves looking young:

  1. Nourish your skin from the inside out. A good clean diet is absolutely essential and if you have a history of skin issues, I would ask you to consider your diet and gut health. A therapeutic grade nutritional supplement is pretty much a must-have with our modern farming practices and mineral-deficient soils. skin sk
  2. Movement and hydration – important for shifting out toxins from the body. The skin is a reflection of inner health, so get the toxins out and you are going to have healthier skin and whole body.
  3. Essential oils for deep skin – by deep skin I mean the sub-structure – the collagen and elasticity. If this isn’t kept healthy is going to make your skin saggy and wrinkly…we know, it happens. Floral oils can help nourish this layer of the skin – so if you’re getting a few wrinkles, don’t lose hope!
  4. Essential oils for surface skin – here I’m talking about pigment, scarring, surface damage and I’m talking wood oils like Frankincense and Sandalwood. Seriously amazing stuff.
  5. Laughter. Do it. Life without…well really.


Do you feel there are small ways to increase your attention to these things? Always…always we can try and do a little better than before.

But we’re all busy right? Here’s my secret to the quickest quick-fix I know:

Take LLV supplements, use the VERAGE skin care range and have another glass of water. Done. Sound ok?

These three things alone cover at least 3.5 out of 5 points above – and you’re not even changing your daily routine.

The Verage collection is a cleanse, toner, serum and moisturiser all for about $100 AUD.

Natural, amazing skin care that doesn’t break the bank. What it does do: it contains an amazing mix of both floral and wood essential oils for the exact reasons mentioned above and the proof is in the pudding – daily comments and compliments to those of us who use it!

What’s an LLV? Well I’m glad you asked! It’s a therapeutic-grade supplement of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega oils that fill in any gaps that might come from soil degradation or imbalances in our not-always-perfect food choices (noone’s a saint right?!).

So your next questions is: Why should I ask you about them instead of shopping at Woolies?

Well if you’re worrying about your skin you don’t need to pile more synthetic toxins into your body, and that’s what you’re going to get at a supermarket shopping for vitamins. You can go to a naturopath and source some great products there, but then you pay retail and a consult fee. There is a cheaper way to get really top-shelf products at wholesale prices…

If you’d like to know more, please touch base with me as I’d really much rather help you get your products at wholesale prices and I’m guessing you would too.

If you have specific skin or health issues I would love to help tailor a plan for you – check out my 20min free consult option and book in today:

Let’s stay health and young for all of our lives!