Life Currently…

So here’s the general picture. We have a mortgage. So we go to work to pay the mortgage…and the school fees, because the kids have to go to school so we can go to work (and so they can learn how to work in the future, to pay for their mortgage…). And to pay off the car that takes us to our job that’s paying for that mortgage…and we’re so stressed now we need a holiday. So now we have to go to work to pay for that holiday we need because we work so hard…


OK, so maybe that’s not how you feel about life. But sometimes it is right? Sometimes we all feel like we are running on that little treadmill and it’s sanity-detroying. Soul-destroying. And we’d just like to step off. If only there was a way.

My background is in medical research and I can tell you that was even worse because the pay was rubbish so I couldn’t even afford a mortgage and I was expected to work 7 days a week to get more publications so I could justify having my contract renewed – what an awful way to live!

I refused to sell my soul to my job. I couldn’t do it. I loved the intellectual pursuit but to never have time that was mine. To never have any kind of financial security…

Luckily I found a solution.


Did you know that 38% of Millenials are open to Entrepreneurship. That’s signnificantly more than previous generations and it’s a good thing, because automation and robotics are going to take most of their jobs. Lucky then they are inclined to be creative and entrepreneurial. Also a good thing because if they are successful, they just might get to jump off that treadmill!

Traditional businesses require massive investments (average over $100K to get started, often over a mil.) and about 50% fail in the first year…ouch!

What if…

What if there was a no-risk option? What if you could step off that treadmill. Not just for a while, but forever. No risk entrepreneurship. Would you want to? Are you scared? Did you just run out of excuses?

What if you were offered:

  1. To start your very own business for less than $1K investment.
  2. You are then offered MIILLIONS of dollars in support, training, resources and research
  3. Someone else will do all the boring stuff like shipping and regulation compliance.
  4. You work whatever hours you want and your effort is rewarded – no salary cap


Network Marketing

OK wait. What? Did I really just type that? OMG it’s like soo…ugh.

If you have a negative gut reaction you’ve probably never really looked into it NM, or you’ve had a bad experience. Am I right?

OK here’s what I can tell you about Network Marketing:

  1. Pyramind Schemes are illegal, so it’s not ‘one of those’…but for a laugh I highly recommend this video
  2. There are good and bad people in ANY business – so let’s assume there are SOME in NM, but not all
  3. Word of mouth is known to be THE BEST form of advertising – which is what NM is all about. Tell of your personal experience with a product so that others learn from your experiences, not a billion dollar tv infomercial.

Ok so in theory, this all sounds pretty amazing. In practice IT CAN BE THIS GOOD… IF …you align yourself with the right company for you. Find a product you really do think is amazing. Have an experience with it and share your story. THAT’S ALL IT IS!

So remember I said effort is rewarded – I’m not going to tell you it doesn’t take work but damn, your effort is going to be rewarded, of course it’s worth it!

Why I chose doTERRA

I have a big, big vision to assist in impoverished communities. I chose a company that can help me do this:

  1. They have an amazing comp plan and let’s face it, you can’t help the poor if you are one of them!
  2. They are already assisting in over 40 countries around the world! doTERRA have a charity arm that works with the communities we source from to bring water, schools and medical care into those farming communities. Watch here.
  3. I know that my product is amazing. It is the purest, most potent and I have first-hand seen the results again and again.

I love that my vision is being realised, even as I type this. I have had meetings this week about empowering communities in India, Thailand, Vietnam and Vanuatu and that’s just top of my list this week. I love that I am able to use Network Marketing as a vehicle to something truly great, inspired and worthy of my time and effort. What bigger dreams have you had to suppress? Is it time to dig them out, dust them off and breathe them back to life? I really think it is. I hope you agree.

I honour you if you fulfill your bigger vision, that grandest version of you that you are here to become, whatever that is for you. If that is with me and my amazing team, I would love that so much. Get in touch if it’s time we had a chat.<3