I’ve had a bit of an epiphany. Relationships may not be my strong point, but I’ve been doing some reflecting lately on how people communicate and react.

When things don’t go your way, how do you react? When you’re stressed or challenged, how do you choose to deal with it? What’s your go-to strategy?

So what I’ve come to realise is there may be three main ways we approach things, or that there are three main life-stages from which we operate:

  1. The inner child – many people talk of feeling that no matter how much life experience they garner, they still feel that they are the child in the room. If you are not feeling very confident around others you may be operating from the perspective of the inner child. Many of us have an inner child who’s feeling a bit bruised and battered by life, criticism, hurts and disappointments – they are desperate for the adult you to step in and offer some love and protection. It’s really powerful to meditate on this and offer your inner child some comfort and love. Can you ever imagine a child of three being not good enough? Tell him/her how beautiful they are, how loved they are – because they aren’t so sure and they are waiting for you to reach out to them.
  2. The teenager – if someone confronts you or stresses you do you tend to lash out or get a bit irrational? If someone gets a bit irrational at you, do you fight back? You might be matching their energy as the teenager because that’s where they are at. Teenagers tend not to have the most success at rational problem solving as they are getting emotional and lashing out – time to connect into the adult…
  3. The adult – so we’d all like to think we are rational, in control and confident. Sometimes it might even be true! I think we can really benefit from connecting with our higher self, our inner spirit or heart. Whoever/whatever that is, we need them to step up, protect our inner child and be the voice of strength, compassion and truth. That person and that person alone can find and live our purpose – they are the courageous warrior within that we have spent our whole lives waiting for…

Are they here yet?

Blessings to you – you courageous soul.