Cee Cee - Global Aromatic-Kinesiologist

Founder & CEO of Generation Wellness

I am on a MISSION to take healing and financial freedom to communities in need. I am building a team of therapists, entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs and awakened souls to bring more health, more healing and more joy and connection, GLOBALLY. Are you ready to join us?


So how does a Clinical Microbiology-trained Molecular Biologist (that’s me btw) end up an Aromatic-Kinesiologst®?

Simple – I followed the science!

And now here I am, teaching people about the power and magic of essential oils, about the science behind how smell can change emotional chemistry and bring relief to anxious feelings, sleep issues, behaviour struggles and so much more!


Cee Cee was in fact the second person in the world to qualify in the amazing healing modality of Aromatic-Kinesiology® and has an abundance of rave reviews about the powerful healing her skills bring. She is looking forward to taking her children and her new focus in emotional healing back to the communities she loves around the world; with a specific interest in helping families with ‘sensitive’ kids, healing and releasing from trauma and financial empowerment.



“The more a person opens their mind to who we really are and what really causes dis-ease we see that emotion, stress and energy are so often at the core. Transformational kinesiology is such an exciting field that drills down into the emotional and energetic wounds that we carry that, in time, create physical disharmony and dis-ease in the body.

To be able to understand and then Release what underlies our struggles with health and happiness is incredibly powerful. It is exciting and rewarding to be able to do this work.”

Let’s help the next generation to better health and happiness.

The bio details…


Cee Cee started her career as a Molecular Biologist and spent many years working in biomedical research. She then went on to complete a Grad Dip in Psychology.


In 2008 she embarked on the trip of a lifetime – world travel including volunteer work in Ghana, learning French in Sancerre and Couchsurfing in Guatemala – connecting with amazing people the world over.


Raising two very sensitive, aware little beings has created a new focus – understanding the emotional and energetic aspect of healing, as well as assisting families to greater awareness, health and joy through natural methods.


As well as being one of the first people in the WORLD to certify as an Aromatic-Kinesiologist™, Cee Cee leads a team of Essential Oil Entrepreneurs who share the power of doTERRA’s certified pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils around the GLOBE! You too can join this amazing movement of health and healing – We are on a MISSION to take healing and financial freedom to communities in need.