Catherine Christoforatos

Founder & Director

So how does a Clinical Microbiology-trained Molecular Biologist (that’s me btw) end up in Essential Oils?

Simple – I followed the science!

One thing that always frustrated me in science was that you have to find your niche – one molecule or one process that you specialise in and study intricately your whole career.  How can anything be understood like that?!  I was a bit of a rogue scientist – I worked in lots of different labs on lots of different projects and learnt a whole bunch of different techniques in the process – it was frowned upon at the same time as it was desired because i had such a breadth of knowledge and experience!

And now here i am, teaching people about the power and magic of essential oils, not because i abandoned my training, but because there is real science and real results that show how bloody amazing oils are.  Don’t assume because it hasn’t entered your reality yet that it doesn’t exist…go explore and find out. Or ask me and i can provide information and experiences… samples even.

I know people who had to be resuscitated after exhausting all mainstream options who now live a happy, healthy life with essential oils and natural solutions…well geez.  You may think that’s far-fetched but isn’t it worth staying a little bit open-minded and finding out more?  Cause maybe, just maybe one day it could save a life…

“The more a person opens their mind to who we really are and what really causes dis-ease we see that emotion, stress and energy are at the core. Aromatic-kinesiology is such an exciting new field that drills down into the emotional and energetic wounds that we carry that, in time, create physical disharmony and disease in the body.

To be able to understand and then clear what underlies disease is incredibly powerful and healing. This is the direction Generation Wellness Australia begins to take into it’s 4th year of existence. It’s incredibly exciting and rewarding to be able to do this work.

This is but one journey. Your journey will be unique to you, but nothing here is about judgement. It is not about finding fault with what has been or the choices that were made because we all had different levels of information available to us. We only need to be open to learning. Life should be a journey of growth and wonderment. The human form is amazing. Naturally.”

Let’s help the next generation to better health and happiness.

The bio details…

Catherine started her career as a Molecular Biologist and spent many years working in biomedical research. She then went on to complete a Grad Dip in Psychology.

In 2008 Catherine embarked on the trip of a lifetime – world travel including volunteer work in Ghana, learning French in Sancerre and Couchsurfing in Guatemala (eek!). Catherine loves travelling and connecting with amazing people the world over.

The real shift in her life path came with the birth of her two children and the need to navigate the now totally medicalised world of child-birth in Australia. After experiencing months of life in Ghana, Catherine became passionate about exploring what natural options were available to her and sharing this knowledge with others.

Raising two very sensitive, aware little beings has created a new focus for Catherine – understanding the emotional and energetic aspect of children, as well as assisting families to detox and become healthier through natural methods.

Catherine has now completed certificates in Aromatic-Kinesiology, Infant Massage Instruction, the AromaTouch Technique, Reiki and Montessori education methods. She is leading a team of Essential Oil Entrepreneurs who share the power of doTERRA’s certified pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils around the GLOBE! You too can join this amazing movement of health and healing. Find our more (– link to biz opportunity?)

Recent developments…

Catherine has now become the second person IN THE WORLD to qualify in the amazing healing modality of Aromatic-Kinesiology®.(link to AK page?) She is looking forward to taking her children and her new focus in energetic healing back to the communities she loves around the world, with a specific interest in helping families with ‘sensitive’ kids.