Thyroid Issues…or perhaps not? 

How many people do you know have thyroid issues? I have friends who have had surgery, have been threatened with surgery…the list is long. How many people do you know on medication to help balance thyroid function?

[ Just to sidestep a moment – my friend who was threatened with surgery, since using essential oils her thyroid is presenting normal…just sayin’. ]
But what I wanted to write about, is that these thyroid imbalanced may have little to do with your thyroid at all. Often the thyroid is affected as a secondary issue issue resulting from adrenal exhaustion. Seems a shame to remove a thyroid if it’s not even the issue…


What is adrenal exhaustion?

Adrenal exhaustion is a result of us living a life in fight or flight mode with our modern schedules and stresses – we were supposed to spend our lives in fight or flight 1% of the time and now it’s estimated closer to 99% of the time for most people…not surprising our adrenals get tired! Adrenals supply the hormones required to mount a fight or flight response – notably adrenalin. We are only supposed to do this in short bursts and certainly not the extended, chronic stresses we are now bombarded with.
So funny story – I had one of the doTERRA wellness supplements on my shelf that I had been wondering why I bought – it is for “stamina and energy”, so I figured “gym junkies” and ignored it…because I am anything but!  One day I had a consult with a naturopath and she suggested I was suffering from adrenal exhaustion, so i started to research herbal supplements for adrenal support and guess where I found 3 of the top 4 recommendations – yep, in my doTERRA supplement! …sitting right there on the shelf! So now I put that little bottle to good use!


More ideas..? 

Mushrooms are fantastic natural support for thyroid – tried and tested!

Basil essential oil is fab for adrenal support…yep, so easy to just rub some basil oil over the kidneys.

DoTERRA also have fabulous therapeutic grade vitamins which will help with overall health, vitality and energy when you’re a little short from adrenal fatigue. I have to share – a friend of mine has been using these with her client who has had a lifetime of lethargy and mental illness – the person is now more alert, energised and lucid with just the addition of these wholefood vitamin and mineral supplements. AMAYYY-ZING!


Whatever your health concern, there is an amazing berry, bark, leaf…SOMETHING in nature that will align perfectly to help correct and balance. Biology is amazing and sythetics a poor replica…whatever you need, ask and I will help direct you to where you need to go to…