Every Little Emergency… as parents we have them daily right? How do you prepare?

There are a zillion decisions to make every day… it feels like more! Did you know we have a limited capacity for decision-making? Just choosing your clothes takes about 16% of your capacity to make decisions in a day …makes a strong case for staying in your pjs right there

So while I sit in my pjs and write this… 😀

One thing I noticed when I restricted my family diet (we had a child with malabsorption issues).. less choices actually made cooking REAAALLY simple. I had about 5 ingredients (with a few subs) for any cake/muffin or slice we wanted to make. Nut meal, chocolate or fruit flavour of choice (eg banana or carrot cake) and your usual soda, vanilla etc and you’re just about done!

I thought it was going to be soooo painful and it became super easy.

Same with health choices.

Whenever the kids were struggling with something – UTI, gastro, sore ear, headache…

Life became super simple when I took it all back to basics – good gut health (75-80% of immune system is in the gut, you just can’t get around it!); vitamin C; essential oils…the basics.

My daughter came to me this morning – I was feeling a little run down mum so I grabbed the On Guard and Rose and I’m feeling better now…


Kids that have grown up with safe solutions know how to help themselves…safely. And in case you’re fearing that my kids are at risk, I need to ask: what happens if a child finds a packet of Panadol and takes too much? They will be having their stomach pumped in hospital, asap, and their liver will be threatening to self-destruct. Highly toxic for the liver. Destroys glutathione levels (the body’s main detoxification pathway) …

So I don’t keep that stuff around…just the good stuff.

So what do you do in the middle of the night when faced with one of life’s little emergencies as a parent? Does it cause you stress and anxiety not knowing what to do? What if you had some options on hand at least, to keep you going until you could get to a doctor in the morning? Would that feel better to have options on hand? Sure changed my world…

When they start crying in pain or vomiting at 11pm you know you’re in for a long night…we’ve all been there. But you don’t have to be beside yourself with worry if you have some simple things on hand.

Simple things like…

If my kids are fighting anything we up the natural vitamin C intake and have some bone broth (gut-healing) drinks and roll some Rose on the throat (their choice). They also beg me for some manuka honey but I’m not sure how much that is for soothing and how much because they just love honey! 😀


Here are some other soothing tips we love:

Tummy – Digestzen is the doTERRA blend but you can go for ginger, cardamom, fennel..rub on tummy and/or soles of feet.

Ear – Basil and tea tree BEHIND the ear (never put anything in the ear!)

Head – Frankincense along sides of head, behind temples, peppermint is great too but it has a cooling sensation which sensory kids may not love.

Sleep – Juniper Berry, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot together in the diffuser I have used MANY a time, but Cedarwood and Vetiver are also deeply calming for the nervous system.

Anxious/nervous feelings – I love doTERRA Balance blend; Orange is great for many kids; and then there is the new Adaptiv range which has been clinically trialled with amazing results!

Teething – Copaiba and Lavender, super diluted and rub along the jawline

Low mood or fatigue – Citrus oils have a beautiful uplifting aroma


How do I remember all this stuff?

How do you remember all this? How do you even begin to learn a whole new way of being in this space? I was where you are and do you know what the coolest thing is? We have thousands of parents like you who share their experiences…you’re not alone when you choose to join us on this journey. We all know that it takes a village to raise a child and yet many of us find ourselves (at least in the early days) fumbling around on our own in a sleep-deprived haze.. that was definitely me! I was exhausted, alone, trying to research a million things and make a million parenting decisions and no clue who to turn to for support. Is this you too? Someone you know? What if that too can be a thing of the past? We’d love to welcome you into our community and help you learn more….

Whatever your interest, whenever the time is right. We’d love to help.

It’s what we do because we were there too, not that long ago. xx