So a friend posted on facebook this week a delicious dinner she had prepared – chicken pieces tossed in some green banana flour and fried up in coconut oil. 100% healthy and delicious.

Of course a dietician jumped in to berate her about how she should not be giving such damaging advice to others about using saturated fats in their diet.

This upset me for a number of reasons. The most obvious being the dietician is obviously still giving really crap advice to her clients and she is in a position of power and respect – people will follow what she says because she has a certificate. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I can’t say it enough – accepted knowledge isn’t fact, it has just been accepted. There is plenty of evidence that:

  1. the initial research that demonstrated sugar was good and fats were bad was totally fraudulent (Keys cherry-picked his data – selecting to report only the data that supported what he wanted to sell people.)
  2. there is a mountain of research showing that saturated fats are not linked with high cholesterol
  3. there are also a mountain of fat-soluble vitamins that our bodies NEED – so please, start enjoying your butter again (I suggest organic or grass-fed).

The dietician overstretched herself to suggest my friend was offering dietary advice by posting a picture of her dinner too. But what the dietician didn’t bother to investigate before all these accusations, was the health of my friend.

My friend has had a lifetime of illness. A lifetime. Eating a paleo diet and removing toxins from her life has resulted in her being healthy for the FIRST TIME EVER. She is stepping into her power emotionally as well and it is amazing to watch her blossom. You CANNOT tell people their ideas are damaging if the evidence is the opposite. Well, you can, but at some point we need to WAKE UP and smell the coffee…seriously.

For the dietician to attack her upset me most of all because I see so many people afraid to step up and allow their beautiful souls to be seen. It is scary to be vulnerable. We are born to shine brightly and we live in a society that just wants to keep us all shut down, living small…

WE ALL have so much to offer if we can get out of our own way and put the fear aside, if only for a moment. My friend is daring to step up and be seen for the first time ever and to be attacked in the process really got up my nose.

I am super passionate about this and I can tell you why…

Just quietly, between you and me…

I have been working energetically to heal myself and learn my purpose. I have had a recent revelation that is right on point. My #1 true desire in this lifetime is to shine light, love and truth. But this isn’t about me, it’s about you. By being a lighthouse and shining our light we show others the way, we allows others to find their truth, their light and it’s a pretty frekkin awesome reason to be here, in my personal opinion.

What drives you? Dare to dig deep into that and create the amazing life you deserve. And if you’re struggling to get there, I can possibly point you to some amazing healers I know or self-help tips and techniques I have used. You are never alone.

Be strong. Be courageous. But mostly – shine like the amazing lighthouse you were created to be.