Case Studies in Kinesiology

I’ve had some amazing feedback lately as well as lots of questions about what kinesiology is…so I thought combining the two into some case studies might give you a better idea of my brand of kinesiology and what kinesiology can do…

People often ask me about kinesiology – what it is and why you might use it. There are many practitioners who all have a different slant on things, so there’s probably not a clean-cut answer. Some focus on food allergies and physical issues, some dig deeper for emotional healing. But in essence, kinesiology is muscle-testing – “asking” muscles, testing them, for an answer. And why would we do this? Because consciously we are only aware of about 10% of what is going on for us. The unconscious and subconscious run our lives, drive our decisions, hold our deepest fears, but we don’t even know what’s there!

Why does this matter? 

Let’s think for a moment about some fears that we don’t even know about that might be helping drive our decisions – we could be making some irrational choices. We could even be making some bad choices. This would be sad if it were permanent but the key point is it’s NOT. Often if we can only acknowledge what is there that’s enough to shift and clear away that underlying fear or trigger that drives negative behaviour.

Additionally, if we hold negative beliefs about ourselves or our abilities – we might make decisions that aren’t in alignment with our deepest desires. We might think we can’t or aren’t good enough for what we really want or love to do…for example, many people struggle to believe they are worthy of good things in their life and it’s a belief that is worth finding and clearing!

Finally and possibly most importantly – it matters when you have sensitive kids who get emotionally overwhelmed and they don’t know why or can’t articulate. Kids are wide open to collecting all our stress and feeling all our feels. We need to help them learn how to offload it rather than internalise it. SO. INCREDIBLY. IMPORTANT. Can’t overemphasise what a difference it makes for a sensitive child to have some help like this.

Starting at the ending…

I’m going to give you the moral of the story up front. The #1 thing you need to take away from this post is this – any condition, any struggle, any issue…it’s almost NEVER physical. You’re going to see in the case studies below – it’s not stuff you’d expect. It’s not just high anxiety. It’s pain, bed-wetting, night terrors, speech impediments (!!)…It can be gastro, backaches, migraines…  When a mum calls me to say my child has a xxx the VERY FIRST question I ask is “What is going on emotionally in her world right now?” 

Sometimes Mum might be a bit surprised and then she thinks and says…

Oh my husband and I are going through a separation…


And if mum doesn’t have an answer, then the next thing I ask myself is…

“Who’s is it?”  

Why? Good question. There are many, many instances where the fear or trauma doesn’t even belong to the person experiencing it. It has been scientifically proven that our stresses and traumas change the expression of our DNA. That same DNA we pass down from generation to generation. So yes, sometimes the question is, how far back did it come from? Who’s is it? Again, if we can find and acknowlege what it is and where it came from, that can be enough to create a release.


Case Study #1: A Child regresses into bedwetting

This was exactly the case I was referring to above. Mum is wondering at this unusual behaviour in her child. Regressing isn’t unheard of but she knew this was unusual for her child and was hoping for some answers. Is there something in her diet? I’ve heard too much salt can cause it…

And so I asked the question: What’s going on emotionally?

Oh, well dad and I are separating.

OK well on some level the child feels it and we need to find out what subconscious beliefs and fears she is holding and creating as a result.

We did some really simple gentle processes (mum was doing it with prayer and affirmations, the child wasn’t even present!)

And voila.

Mum messaged me a week later – child is fully recovered and a lot happier.

Mum is happy but also has a new awareness of how emotionally sensitive her child can be and THIS is important – because this won’t be the last time that child will try and help out a family member by taking on their emotional struggles.


Case Study #2: 12 years of Chronic Pain

This case was so interesting.

Men don’t like to open up much y’know. Ha. Understatment.

I don’t mind working with men but their lack of openness takes all the fun out of a session. They try and avoid/ talk around a point for a loooong time. They tell me they rate life a 10/10, marriage: 10/10, health 10/10…ok so why are you here? My wife asked me.

Oh geez.

Anyhoo. This man was retired and wanting to enjoy his garden but in chronic pain. We talked…and he told all kinds of great stories. He told me it was just his middle finger had suffered a trauma…and we talked…and he said his hands were kind of sore and inflammed….and we talked…and he told me actually it was kind of his whole body…and we talked…

And the he told me he was abused as a child. BOOM.

His wife was in tears beside him.

He then said: “Yeah but I’m ok, I feel ok – feel like I’ve left it behind me”

His wife said “No, I’ve carried it for you all these years”  WOW.

I asked her if her family had a history of heart-attacks. YEP. Double wow.

The heart is the emotional centre right? Keep taking everyone else’s trauma in and your heart won’t last forever.

So the upshot was we did some clearing and the next day I got the most lovely message:

“I am sitting here drinking my hot chocolate. I don’t know what kind of magic that was but I have been gardening all day pain-free for the first time in 12 YEARS. Thank you!”


Case Study 3: Children will be seen and NOT HEARD!

Ever get told this as a child? This was a really special case for me because it was a friend’s daughter. The issue was ancestral and this is what mum had to say later:

“One day K will understand just how powerful her gentle sweet voice is…

She is nearly 8 – Can you believe she’s only been talking for the last 2.5years!!!! She could not talk until she was half way through prep!

Up until then, her mental strength, and emotional resilience was already in play – as far as she was concerned she could talk – everyone else had hearing issues! 😂

So what was the thing that created this change?

… it was Kinesiology with Cee Cee that freed her tongue. ..”

I can tell you that before the session this beautiful child would chatter to me and I could not understand a word. I saw her again about a week after the session and she was CLEAR – not perfect but I perfectly understood EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.

My jaw dropped and I looked at Mum and she just shrugged and said “Must be the session, I haven’t changed anything else.”


Emotional healing from the ROOT CAUSE

So what do I do? Sometimes I’m not sure myself but it’s pretty amazing! You can see that each of these issues seemed obviously physical, and yet they weren’t. My practise is faith-based but I welcome people from any walk of life or faith perspective. Faith-based because I know who the real talent is in this show and I am grateful for the gifts I have been blessed with.

What can kinesiology give you? It can connect you more with your truth, with calm, with your purpose. It can help clear away the emotional clutter that feels yech or overwhelming. It is the key to peace and clarity and I highly recommend it for everyone. I also recommend trying a few practitioners to see who is a fit for you.

Happy emotional healing. I truly hope you embrace this journey, for yourself and all the generations to come. xx

Other feedback, just for kicks.. 

“I feel lighter, happier and less triggered, which is really really nice” (single struggling mumma)

“We not only have a happy child this morning…. i noticed a massive shift in the energy of the whole house over the weekend – I’m so grateful!” (5yo struggling with anxiety)