Why Would a Guy…

So here’s what I’ve noticed guys – people think essential oils is women’s business. Witchcraft practically. But you know what I see when I go to Leadership conferences? Men. Yep, when the money starts rolling in and the guys SEE the numbers and really take a LOOK at the doTERRA compensation plan…suddenly they are in with two feet, right there beside their wives, talking to their mates about the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils.

At this point you’re thinking one of two things – ‘Show me the numbers!’ or ‘Pfft, as if I’d ever tell my mates about essential oils…well, unless the money was REALLY good…’

So I’ve been thinking, you guys need to start noticing the opportunity from the get-go instead of waiting for your wives to show you (especially difficult if you’re single!). And I’m going to help spell it out.


The Product

Firstly, you need to know a little about the product and why you CAN get into selling essential oils. Why are natural options important for you and your family health? Here’s a little info about a friend of mine called Phthalates:

Phthalates are a class of chemicals used in many consumer products to
impart flexibility and durability or
used for their solvent properties. Concerns have
been raised about some phthalates because studies
in laboratory animals have shown that exposure
can cause adverse health effects, including effects
on development of the male reproductive system.
from National Academy of Sciences.


Hang on, read that last part again: “including effects on the development of the male reproductive system”!!!


So what? Well anything in your house with ‘fragrance’ on the label will most likely contain phthalates. Yep. Soap, Shampoo. Cleaning products.

And I know how much you men like your sons to have normal reproductive systems right? Yeah, so I’m not just a hippie mum after all, I’m passionate about natural products for a bloody good reason and to be honest, phthalates are just the tip of the iceburg.

So here we have a product you can really appreciate – essential oils. Nature’s fragraces but with the added bonus of therapeutic properties. You can make your cleaning products, soaps, aftershave – anything you need – with essential oils and other very simple, natural ingredients.

There are oils for you too – Ice Blue Rub for post-workout or back pain; Tension blend for headaches and migraines; even oils to help improve focus and motivation (or calm your wife’s hormones – seriously, tell me you don’t want that?!).


The Business

OK so let’s take a look at why it’s a good business decision:

Firstly, there is a massively untapped male market out there, so you’ve got an angle many of us don’t and guys who get the numbers will be motivated to get in and help you build this business = exponential growth.

Secondly, we have a 70-80% retention rate which is why doTERRA pays a LOT more than most other MLMs – our customers come back again and again. The product really is THAT good and research is proving it again and again so you’re not going to make an idiot of yourself selling it. People will thank you for it and tell their friends about it – making your job easy.

The opportunity is there for anyone to build this business as fast or as slow as suits their personal situation, but I can tell you I personally know of several who have made 6-figures in less than 2 years. And it keeps growing. And it’s residual income. Bloody genius.

Did you know on average it costs $65K to start your own business and it takes 2 years on average to make a cent. But I just told you that you can get to 6-figures in that time AND it costs you about $50 to get started, with a monthly investment of $120-130.

You can start earning immediately.

You earn based entirely on your own level of effort – sky’s the limit if you’re ready and motivated.

So are you?


By the way…

PS did I mention that you’ll be surrounded by LOTS of amazing gorgeous women in this industry? Seriously guys…what’s not to love?

PPS if you want to see the research or are ready to get started, let’s set up a time for me to show you that comp plan and tell you how to structure your business effectively. Please forward your contact details to: genwell.au@gmail.com

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