Antibiotics and Modern Medicine

I was asked today about the uses of antibiotics, and why one might prefer not to use them. Are there good alternatives? Is it ok to give to babies?

Whilst we have much to be grateful for in modern medicine, I feel it’s time to call it: it’s gone wayyy too far. You cannot assume that taking pills and injecting medicines is going to ultimately make you healthy. I don’t honestly think they are necessary in most cases – there are plenty of natural things that are more potent and don’t destroy your liver or your gut flora. Yes, you heard me – MORE potent, that is, they really work. Research is showing how incredibly powerful alternative options are. Science says alternatives are cool…so there.


Things to Consider

If you do feel the need to use antibiotics there are a few facts you may like to consider:

  1. A human body is 90% microbes so my feeling is it’s best to avoid killing 90% of what makes you function…your microbiome is resposible for many biochemical reactions in your body, including helping to make your neurotransmitters (the things that help your nerves communicate – kinda important).
  2. 80% of your immune system is in the gut – take care of the gut and you are likely able to fight off most things that come your way with a fully-functional immune system. Don’t have one (immune system I mean), have a look at the book Gut & Psychology Syndrome for a way to restore gut health.
  3. Most issues are viral, which antibiotics can do zilch about but are still often prescribed none-the-less
  4. Interestingly, it is known that vitamin C is toxic to all known viruses.
  5. Pure Essential oils are incredibly powerful (proven effective against drug-resistant bacteria) – we have been brainwashed to think nature is some weak diluted useless thing and science and medicine jumped in to save the day – the first drugs came from nature and now we create synthetics modelled on nature. Don’t be fooled.
  6. Research has shown that giving antibiotics under the age of 5 increases risk of obesity


Pain Killers

Let’s just clarify: Pain killers do not remove pain, they interfere with your brain chemistry to block any signals regarding the pain you are experiencing. Studies have shown regular use can inhibit kids from developing the ability to experience empathy. That’s kinda scary. Research has suggested links between paracetamol use during pregnancy and autism (as are many, many factors, but still…)

So a quick summary: Paracetamol is not safe, it is not natural, it is stored in your liver. It is considered the safest thing we have so everyone assumes it is safe. They are not the same thing. Ibuprofen destroys your gut lining, and we’ve already discussed why that might be important.


Everything in Moderation?

Now I might say everything in moderation and it’s ok to use all of the above if you REALLY need something, but the thing is I KNOW that there are natural alternatives that WORK. My kids are really healthy – we live a gut-nourishing, low-tox lifestyle and they generally have some pretty amazing immune systems. The one time my daughter has complained of an ear ache I used some diluted essential oils behind the ear and she was recovered by morning.

I use a holistic approach for anything that comes a-knocking. It might take a little while to be confident of lots of natural suggestions but seriously, I was in your shoes 7 years ago. I really was. . if I can learn, pretty sure anyone can. I am not saying I have it all figured out, I’m just saying that natural has been given a bad name and there’s a multi-billion dollar reason why. I welcome you to request essential oil samples from me. I welcome you to question and do more research. I ask you to just …think about it…



Not sure where to start? Here are some of my fav alternatives:

Colloidal silver – natural antiseptic

Camu camu – high in the natural form of Vitamin C,  slip into smoothies and bliss balls if the kids are ever fighting something off

Peppermint essential oil – for it’s amazing cooling properties if your little one if fighting something…and can I just say, if my head is bugging me. THIS is my answer to panadol, seriously.

Hormonal struggles – Maca powder in my smoothies and Clary Sage essential oil on my belly (or I can recommend an FANTASTIC blend of EOs that works in SECONDS!)

Bug bites and stings – my kids know to reach for the Lavender oil every time!

Need something specific? Just ASK! Would love to help you begin your natural journey…and who knows where you’ll be 7 years from now!