So I’ve just been doing some research on ADHD and I have to say I learnt a LOT!  I thought this was one of those things people couldn’t really pinpoint. Not so.

So firstly what I learnt is that we have really important fats in our brain and I’m not going to write it’s really uber-long name, let’s just call it DHA. DHA is really important for our brain to function. DHA is something that is sabotaged by many things that are common in our diets today unfortunately;

Trans-fats sabotage our ability to make DHA. Trans-fats are in your margarine and vegetable oils. Time to start cooking your fries in coconut oil or ghee (taste better too!)
Sugar – aside from just being toxic in general, sugar actually depletes the body of the vitmains it needs to make DHA. It adds a double-whammy by adding that sugar spike behaviour to a child that already can’t sit still – outcome not good.

Dairy – the arachidonic acid in dairy also sabotages our ability to make DHA. Dr Bob DeMaria has seen cases in his practice of a child reversing their ADHD behaviour with just the removal of dairy alone!
Heavy metals and preservatives affect the brain and can actually be stored in the cerebral midline in young children – it’s a good idea to detox if you can before this midline closes off (around age 18).

Gluten is also considered something best avoided for people with ADHD or ADHD tendancies.
Definitely a few dietary things you can add to help as well – the B6, zinc and fish oils are needed in order to make DHA effectively.


Research has PROVEN that essential oils can assist ADHD!

In the Journal of the American Medical Association they reported a 100% “effective treatment rate” of Vetiver essential oil on ADHD. Cedarwood was “83% effective”. WOW! Mind. Blown. Yes?

I know of another mum of an ADHD child who says that the 4 essential oils that changed her life are:

Balance (a doTERRA blend)

The best way to apply? The back of the neck is a great place to rub some Cedarwood and Vetiver.  The big toe is also the reflexology point for the head so a great place to rub some oils to help sooth and calm the head. Mix with fractionated coconut oil if you feel dilution is needed.


People with ADHD are often kinesthetic learners – this is a tactile learning style in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.  We need to understand and allow for the different learning style of a person who isn’t programmed to sit and listen so that we aren’t labelling their inability to cope in a standard education system but rather providing them ways to learn the way they learn best.

The awesome thing about doing some research is I can share what I’ve learnt – I so hope this information helps you on your journey.  If I can help you get some Cedarwood and Vetiver essential oils, please get in touch and I will help you get them at a practitioner wholesale rate.