So many women in business struggle. We struggle with juggling the kids and the housework. Who wouldn’t – the second you turn around whatever you just cleaned looks completely trashed again. It’s soul-destroying right? I know. Mine are an incredibly creative (ie messy) 5 and 7 at the moment…I know!

But we don’t just juggle all this time and responsibility stuff. We also juggle with allowing ourselves success. With our doubts and fears. This might stem from that mother guilt we all know so well. It might come from low self-worth and not truly believing we are worthy of success. It might stem from some ancestral fear of being seen or….phew! There are just TOO many to list and it could be a bit of ALL of them. And we just juggle and tread water and keep right on juggling…

So slight segway – isn’t this that hippie scientist usually going on about gut health and natural healing? YES! Hi! It’s me. Why am I writing about success? Health isn’t just about your diet and your immune system. Good, vibrant, life-fulfilling, heart-overflowing health is about being the brightest, most amazing version of YOU. Being healthy is a prerequisite but it also means being SO MUCH MORE. (Sorry for all the capitalisation, I’m passionate!) By success I mean living your grandest, most amazing version of you, in every area of your life.

To do this however, it means facing the dark stuff – the fears, the blocks, the negative shit you say to yourself every day and getting it GONE! By the way, that’s another misperception I see a lot – You don’t have to face this stuff to see how bad you are…you face it to RELEASE it and be FREE of it. THAT STUFF IS NOT YOU!!

So, if you are sitting nodding at the screen right now and you a recognising this is you, keep reading. If you keep getting trapped in overwhelm, or feeling you’re just not capable or whatever that thing is that keeps coming up for you…and you’re ready to let that go and step FORWARD…this post (and a few kinesiology sessions with me haha) might be just the thing…

1. Get clear – I am in Looove with rolls of brown paper. Seriously. There is something so liberating about sitting on the floor with a big roll of brown paper, some colour marker pens and just writing – What is that bigger vision? What do I really want in my life? What are my top 10 things I need to create, see, do before I die? What do I want my legacy to be..? If you can get clear on what that BIG stuff looks like…then you know why you’re doing the daily tasks. When a new opportunity arises you can look at this and say, is this the next step to THAT? Write what values you want your business (and yourself) to embody and make sure all your decisions align… Write, speak it. If you can write it and say it then you are clear what IT is.

2. Mirror work – Louise Hay was a big advicate for mirror work. This is really powerful for self-worth issues in particular, but honestly give it a go with whatever the struggle is. Go into your bathroom mirror and spend just 1 minute a day looking at you in the eye and saying “I love you and you are worthy” “I love you and you are capable” …or perhaps “I love you, I forgive you, I know you are doing your best…” If you can get past I love you and not cry…you are doing pretty well.

3. Tapping (EFT) – I love tapping. Tapping is a way of choosing something else. Tapping uses acupressure points to help your body accept a different direction. Even though I feel…(overwhelmed) …I choose to be limitless, I choose to be courageous…. You don’t have to guess though and it might seem really odd at first so jump on youtube and do some guided tapping – Brad Yates is an eternal favourite of mine.

4. Essential oils – Smell is the least understood and appreciated sense in my humble opinion. Do you know why? Smell is the FASTEST way to create emotional change in the body. Yep. You heard it here first folks. Seriously though, isn’t that powerful knowledge? If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or flat you can use SMELL to change the emotional chemistry that is occuring in your body. Hallelujah! So get yourself some amazing (pure…please let them be pure!) oils and get sniffing!

Need oils? Try here. Need to chat about what oils would best suit? Book in! Free 20min Discovery Session. #winning!

If you’d like to learn more about how emotional chemistry works in the body, try this post.

5. Recruit HELP – this is so important! If you are in overwhelm because your website isn’t doing what you need it to do (this was me, I admit it!) then there comes a time you have to say I am NOT a website expert, I’ll find someone who is. Marketing has been another exhausting tax on my resources. I have learnt about sales funnels and honestly, I’m getting so much better but geez…if I can pay someone for a few hours of their time and have a 3 month plan that will get me RESULTS!.. Hmm…maybe do that. A friends asked me just the other day: How long do you want to struggle with this? So I ask you: how long?

6. Kinesiology – if the blocks to your success are your own beliefs, one of the people you might want to ask for help will be a kinesiologist or similar. So what is kinesiology and how does it work? Briefly, it is bypassing your interfereing brain and asking your body what’s really going on. You are only conscious of 10% of what is going on with you, so no point just talking about it. If we ask the body we can tap into the other 90% we find out specific trapped beliefs, emotions and fears that might be stopping you from moving forward. Some examples: “If I’m successful, how will I have enough time for everything?”; “I’m not allowed to be successful, my family will think I’m trying to show them up”. These beliefs don’t even have to be ours – science has shown that our emotions, thoughts, memories and beliefs can change the expression of our DNA…which we inherit from our parents. Ugh. So much to clear, so little time…right? But we CAN clear it and it’s AMAYYYY-ZING! Changed. My. LIFE.

7. Aromatic-kinesiology – you have seen the benefits of essential oils and kinesiology above. ’nuff said right? Combining the two is amazing. So gentle and yet so powerful. I had a coaching session with a team member the other day and she was stuck. Really stuck. Immobilised. I did a quick muscle-test for an oil to help her shift and move forward with her plans (she had all the plans just zero momentum). Blue Tansy came up. I grabbed it from the box and grabbed my Emotions and Essential Oils book. “Blue Tansy…the oil of Inspired Action…Blue Tansy supports those who resist taking action…” Could it be any more perfect? She is using it every day, and she is actioning her to do list. Sometimes it’s that simple.

If you’d like to explore how I can support you, get in touch for a free 20min Discovery Session. And yes, some muscle-testing can be done remotely. I would also love to hear how you have successfully cleared your blocks – touch base and let me know!

Life is abundant. May this abundance touch you and your business.

Catherine xx