Did you go a little overboard this silly season? Time for a little detox and self-love? Here are a few simple tips to clean up your act and your liver:

  1. Grapefruit essential oil* – great for supporting to detox, particularly after a little too much alcohol…
  2. Zedocrine essential oil – this is a specifically formulated detox blend made by doTERRA and used to support all liver detox functionality
  3. Charcoal – well known for binding toxins and helping remove them from the body
  4. Clay – I remember when I first read about tribes in Africa eating clay – I thought they might be slightly mad but clay is great for both it’s mineral content and it’s ability to bind and remove toxins. I often bath my kids in clay and magnesium after a swim in a chlorinated pool or whenever I feel they need a bit of detox support (with Essential Oils of course).
  5. Epsom salts/ magnesium bath – great for relaxation and also for drawing out toxins from the body. Nothing beats an salt and essential oil bath.

These are super simple and there are plenty more of course. If you need a more thorough gut cleanse I have protocols to suggest so be sure to get in touch.


But aside from the physical, have you thought about an emotional cleanse? 2017 is a #1 year in numerology – new beginnings abound. What is it you’re ready to leave behind as you start afresh?

  1. Time to set boundaries and learn to say “no” – sometimes it’s hard to say no, but when we honour ourselves those around us have permission to do the same.
  2. “I Nourish myself because I am WORTHY” – make a promise to yourself that this year you will take the time to honour and nourish YOU.
  3. I love using essential oils to anchor to a particular goal or intention – smells are powerful and link directly to the central part of our brain controlling emotion and memory. If you’re ready to create something new – feel into what that is for you and create an anchoring blend to represent it. Use your blend daily to remind you of where you are heading and what you are creating.
  4. I use my essential oils daily of course, but for the emotional self-love I need at the moment my favourite is to combine PASSION blend with others to create a deodorant that puts a fire in my belly and gets me excited and motivated for the year to come…are you ready to embrace 2017 with PASSION??
  5. Instead of worrying about what you aren’t, what you missed out on or the goals you didn’t hit in 2016, time for some powerful I AM statements to step us into an amazing 2017:

I AM ….powerful

I AM…courageous

I AM…authentic

I AM…safe

I AM…compassion



Time to cleanse includes letting go of the emotional baggage that no longer serves. Honour your body, honour your heart and honour your spirit in 2017 and you will be TRANSFORMED.

Namaste <3

*When I recommend Grapefruit and Zendocrine for detox purposes I will only take the doTERRA oils internally – the safety of other brands is not something I will guarantee and you need to have an awareness of how incredibly lax safety standards and labelling laws are. Do NOT ever buy something from the chemist or health food shop and assume it is safe because of the labelling. Do your research. If you’d like to know more about the doTERRA and why I choose them, you only have to ask!

Blessings to you in 2017 – may your year be truly transformative and special xxx